Tuesday, February 24

#bbs @ irc.oddnet.net stats by DTK

Heh, what can i say but I CHAT WAYYYY TO MUCH! :D

Monday, February 23

elisanford.tk Heh great site eli :D Love it, and btw guys check out www.sea-monkeys.com I have some , they rock my world!!!
Just edited settings, spent all day looking at forums, playing games and doing the deathly homework, its been driving me insane, stuff from college is sooo hard right now!! :(

-= Smiley =- djsmiley2k@hotmail.com
Blah, just invented the new EMP ya dad move. Something to love, something to hate. A blog for me, Everyone i know has seen my idea of what these should contain, and thats exactly what they do, contain, a history of me, and all things me like. Images, thoughts, ideas, contaminations, blah blah blah. Im tired, its 2:24 in the morning, my brother has just retired to bed, i can't be arsed, that would mean remakin my bed. This has been half term, its been shit, i have loads of homework, its gettin me down, blah blah, you know the shit :)

Peace out peeps

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