Monday, March 8

Blah blah blah, i went into college today to do extra work, as i have been "ill" and i felt that i better incase i wasn't keeping up, seems that im doing "fine" but still, fine isn't good enough for me, i can't relax when its "fine" can i ? :(

Blah blah blah,

Feel like shit, look like shit too :D Hum, life is a bitttttch :( But thats life i guess, still no sign of a laptop, and im slowly and finally getting software so that i can run linux another way, on this machine at the same time, so least then i can play with it :)

Bah, sooo badly need a job, except college is in the way, and all that :)

"[19:05] sounds like your too lazy to get a job and want somthing easy and get paid enormously"

I wouldn't mind, but heh didn't i work here >> for 2+ years?

That wasn't enormous pay nor was it a great job, but hell i loved it so. Why? Because it was doing what i love, playing with computers!

Employ me SOMEONE!

-= Smiley =-

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