Thursday, March 18

Dum de dum, A FMP, final Major Project, and they aint joking, it truely is major. Like major break down omfg im gonna cry kinda style. So, instead of talking about college, im gonna talk about something else.....

Hopefully i've fixed my router, was having some problems with it, along the lines of it just STOPPED dead, stopped routing traffic, stopped everything. It was almostl ike it had crashed, but i've never heard of something like that crashing. Anyway, i reapplied the FIRMware, and now (fingers crossed) it should be fine. Also im in the motions of building another computer, this one will replace a broken Dell my girlfriends brothers girlfriend has. (try work out that connection).

Im currently looking for a HDD about 5gb, a PSU bout 300w and any cables etc i DONT already have :). If anyone has any ideas on where i can get cheap please let me know :)

Rar - I've also seen some kick ass things i want such as HDD
or maybe some funky looking cables for it, even tho i have some red ones ready ;)

Peace out peeps, work 2 do :)

-= Smiley =- //

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