Monday, March 15

The Fault Tolerant Shell

This is like the most ovious thing i think most programers (of at least a novice level) have been waiting for.

A programming language which expects and reacts (sensibly) to errors and problems.
What do i mean?

Well you know when windows crashes? It brings up all this stupid data which you can't understand, and supprisingly enough, nither can i :(. But i do understand where it comes from, lets say as an example, you are writing some data to a network drive, and the drive doesn't respond. This is a very likely senario. Normally windows would go "Oh, the drive isn't responding" and bring up the error message which is linked to this error. It would normally look something like this "This drive is inacessable, please make sure its connected (if its on a network) and that you have read / write privigilidges for this drive. Contact your administrator .... ".

We have all seen that message, because its a more common one, so common infact that the m$ prgrammers made sure that windows knew what to do, IF the drive didn't respond. So, what happens if the drive responds, and is sending data when its cut off?

Good old BSOD (blue screen of death), or some weird managled error message telling you something has gone wrong, please report it to m$ who will take no notice of you and ignore you forever more :)

All of this because your brother pulled out the cable ?! Stupid really isn't it ?

So how about instead, you tell windows to keep trying, for the next 10 minutes? So that, if the drive comes back on, there is no problem ?

Well this is basicly what this Shell (o/s) does. It allows for and works around errors, I hope that someone from a larger company picks up on this, and makes sure it is developed more.

This SHOULD be the future of computers!

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