Sunday, March 28

Well firstly, the party last night was shit, not anyones fault, just amy got ill and peeps decided it would be better to leave. Big thank you to them coming out anyway!

Website is all over the place, i have to get hold of US.Robotics to try and get them to change this router, as i know something is messed up with it, im just not sure what!. Basicly when my isp drops their dns server for more than a second at a time, the router stops requesting infomation from the modem, generally locking up the whole internet, weird thing is the lan still runs, but you can't get to the admin section of the router! (How strange!)

Anyway, now.... im looking at getting some money via small time programming on the side, writing small useful programs that help, and sell them to someone i've heard about.

Peace out peeps! \o/

(btw i feel better still but still not perfect!)

-= Smiley =- //

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