Saturday, April 17

Soulmates, weird weird ideas. What are they all about ? A friend? A lover?...

Many people have had different ideas of what a soulmate is, including me, and over time the idea also changes. Some people love their soulmates, some have them as just friends. No matter how you are connected, if you find a / you soulmate (and find it is, very hard to find) then you are truely blessed.

I think most people need someone to fill in the postion, most commonly assicoated with soulmates, and that is the postion of someone you can talk to, to talk extensivly with about any subject, no matter where you are or what your doing. You soulmate would always be happy to listen, to reply, and to concider what ever you say, no matter how strange nor inpratical it may sound.

Someone who is always there, someone special, someone..... who to you, is the future of life. The future of where you want things to go and who you would like someone to become. Weird thing is, you may end up becoming more like your soulmate, and them more like you, than you could ever imagine.

So is having a soulmate fun? I think its the most fun anyone could possibly have, having someone that thinks the same as you, laughs at the same jokes as you, and just generally enjoys being around you, must be fun! :D

Enjoy life guys! and gals!

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