Friday, May 21

Bones eh!

Would you ever belive it?

There is me worrying about how the feck i am going to animate worms in lightwave (a 3d modeling program.) and its finally worked, about 4hours and a day later.

All because someone who made the program decided that it would be a good idea, to totally change how the whole structior of the program worked. It seems this is a great idea now, just rewriting a program so that no one knows how the hell it works!. We just gotta hope now that M$ jump on that flagship too, and do the same.

Maybe then poor ol' Linux will have a chance, being free and all. Thing about linux i find nice is its gentle evultition over time. Instead of every so often something going

"WOOO we have rewritten the whole code and it doesn't work anything like it used to. But dont fear, we haven't provided any help and you MUST upgrade today as we left hundreds of security flaws in the last version, oh and did we forget to mention that we will be stopping support of the old version?"

Sounds familiur? Well, its the windows story, and yet so many people flood to use it. Linux is FREE, just try it! This is a CD of linux you can download and it wont do anything to your machine, just so you can see linux working. But due to that fact, it is slightly slow :)

I fully advise everyone to check it out, just to see the difference.

peace out and FREE SOFTWARE!.
-= Smiley =- //

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