Monday, May 24

i really dont know....

I have no idea what i wanted this blog to be about, and i guess that means i shouldn't "really" blog. I guess, but then again, no one ever reads it, so maybe i shouldn't have a blog at ALL? But i do and i will :p

Ever had the feeling that you really SHOULD be somewhere?, spent the day with amy and nina today, gr8 fun it was. Met ninas "bf" who seems pretty kool, and im sure, with time we will get on fine, (he seemed to love my dancing when i potted a ball in pool ;)). Myuaahahah, and i lost both times :(.

Well anyway, eventually it started getting late, and i just had this weird feeling i get sometimes, that i should go home. But never before have i ever been able to tell someone, who would also "See" if something happened. As so to know that i wasn't making it up. Anyway, was walking back through town and met one of amys friends, who i knew from the year above me in college (which still sux btw). Anyway...... she said shes got a interview for a place which is a online bank, cahoot? i think its called... Anyway, she got the offer from a recuitment agentcy, and now i've also applied there! woooo go me!.

So hopefully something will pop up in the right department :p

Peace out \o/

-= Smiley =- //


News is Good said...
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DjSmiley2k said...

Hell, cheers for the comments guys, hehe why u do annonymous!!!!

Heh, peace out

and please, contact me @ :)

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