Friday, May 28

Illness controls all?

Right now i feel really fecking ill, im still in college how ever. When i leave (should be @ 4:30pm, but i think might be earlyer) i will be off for a week. A week of relaxing? Nope, a week of hopefully hardcore programing with busting more infomation into my brain than ever before.

I should explain, i decided early last night that i DO want to go to university. I do what to do a computer course (i have finally got over the problems i had back in 6th form which scared me away from programing). I think i want to do this course. Basicly i love computers so much, its stupid of me to not really try and do something along these lines.
Problem is i should of appied months ago, but back then, i DIDN'T know i wanted to do ANYTHING like this, combine this with the fact that i had my course organiser saying that i wouldn't do well in uni, and it wasn't for me. Put me off totally.

But now, i've seen a light, university IS the way forward, i can also get a job at the same time, i can teach my self more programming in my spare time when i have a chance also! Its like, all the peices of the puzzle have finally come together. I finally know where im going and i never saw it happening this way. For once im sure about what i want to do, i want to run large corprate network, with massive cisco server racks. Lovely!

I guess its all about not letting people hold you back, hell its about telling them to shove it, and getting what you want, you do only get once chance, one chance in a lifetime, to do what you truely want to do. SO many times i've chosen what is easy, what im good at, what seems right. Now i choose different, i choose what i WANT, what i enjoy, WHAT I AM!.

ANd slowly i become that of which i've dreamed. In the future... i now have a aim, Write my own O/S.

Peace out!
-= Smiley =- //

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