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My Ruin Gig Review (16th May 2004)

Writing in college is never a good idea, but hopefully i can atleast "start" my review of one of the greatest gigs i've ever been too.

The line up was of 3 bands, My ruin and two guests, The Suffragettes (who havn't played at all in this tour, but i dont know who replaced them) & Walls of Jericho. It seems also My Ruin had invited some old friends of theirs, Labrat.

First of all, i must mention both mine and my girlfriends stupidity, we had arrived hours and hours early (we were there @ 2pm and it wasn't going to start til 7pm!) and we were discussing what we wanted to eat, we decided that we should just walk slightly up the road, and check out if the fish&chip shop sold cheeseburgers (i love em!). As we were walking towards the fish&chip shop, i got something in my eye, ash i think. Anyway, i was half blinded stumbling along the road, hand over one eye, when i notice that some people had dressed up very well for the gig, so well infact that they were perfect replica's of Miss.B, Mick Murphy and Yael (yes thats the correct spelling ;)). Only after we turned around, and watched them walk towards the doors, to be mobbed by the 10 or so fans there did we relise how stupid we had been, but we SAW THEM FIRST!.

The first band to play were already playing when we entered the building. They were Labrat, (btw i haven't checked this link yet, will do later) a combination of Soulfly roars, slipknot curses and various other styles combined in this band, i only had time to hear two songs properly by them, but in those two songs, they got me going good, i remmber closing my eyes, and i truely felt like i was the only person in there, a gig all to my self. Sadly they had to leave quickly as they were never meant to be playing in the first place :)

Second Band i heard would of been Walls of Jericho, these guys, using a duel vocal style, one guy hitting the higher notes (not as high as Linkin but you get the idea, and the other roaring his brains out. A nice band with a nice style, but i tend to feel that the songs they produced were too long (some felt like they went on for hours) and/or most of the songs sound too much like the last. This could be because i haven't yet addapted to their vocals and can't really make out much of the lyrics, if so, a fair band!. But for now, they are gud, but tbh they play slightly less.

The third band to come on was a female vocal, with all male instumental. i didn't catch the name, nor i didn't like style. i would say old skool punk with a mix of something else, which i just couldn't fix. How ever they did have a funky fan base, who would do even scarier dancing that i, this involved spinning their arms around like windmills (airobics anyone?) and doing flying leaps and kicks through the air. Combine this with the fact that we are talking BIG guys, and you get the general idea. Seems these also had played with My Ruin before, and had veen invited back.

Now to the most inportant, and hardest part of the review. To put into words, the power and... fury that went into this show (and it was a show, not just a proformance) which made it truely different from anything i had ever felt before. I felt awe, and still, 3 days later as im writing this, i still feel that same awe, that same passion which pushes me harder in everything i do. I belive that, what i felt that night, was something truely stong, truely pure. Someone with a love of music, proforming to people who want to hear it, and no matter how it was played, to each and everyone of them, it was perfect. Also, but strangly normal in this situation was the fact that, My Ruin didn't sound like their albums, but even better that them, the albums lose some of the fresh pure talent poured into them. (maybe this is what people who say CD's dont have perfect sound mean?). There is many many ways to try and discribe this gig, and i have tried the simplist, telling you what i felt, but this isn't good enough on its own.

So now i leave you some instructions.
1. Download some my ruin tracks. (terror, tainted love, miss ann thorpe)
2. listen to them when your in different moods, see how they make you feel.
3. if you enjoy, BUY THE FUKIN ALBUM, just one, one album is enough.
4. if you like this also, go to a gig.
5. like me, fall in love with something that will hopefully never end!.

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