Sunday, May 23

Poor friends....

Damn, just heard that my friends Kirsten and Richard have split up, that so SUCKS! :(.

Damnit, i remmmber i was working in bg many many years ago and they came in together..... I guess its not meant to be? I wish them both the best, and want to let them know that im here for both of them.

Life really sucks sometimes, it just all builds up, just at the wrong time, and really gets you down, it sucks you down so much, you think there is no escape. And sometimes, it takes months to find away out.... Sadly, some people chose the wrong way... I hope that no one ever does that i know, and that they know that i will be there for them no matter what.

-= Smiley =- //

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deyzi said...

I am sorry about Kirsten and Richard.
if this helps...

In May 2 couples which I was so close had seperated too.
But I have 3 wedding invitations in June :)

Life sometimes sucks, sometimes smiles at you.


someone you don't ven know...

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