Thursday, May 27


I never would of belived that choosing which programing language to follow would be so hard.... But oh it is! Most of the problem stems from the same problem we see throughout scoicity, which belives "if i support something, you should too". We see this commonly enough with football teams, if you ask someone what football team you should support, they will say the one that they them selfs support, even if this would be totally impratical.
Also you need it in the linux community, linux comes in different styles, known as "distros", and 99% of the time, people will tell you to use the one they do, at least some of them try out different ones and so have a more rounded view.

So i want to go to uni, and i want to start on some sort of computer based course, but currently i have no programming skills (even tho i run my own website, and run its webserver too).
So i set out on a search to start programing, At first i said i was going to learn C, as i've heard of it before, and know it is used in industry. (no point knowing something no one cares about?). Anyway, talked to a few guys on irc, and they tell me that C is quite hard for a begininer, and suggest some other alturnitives. Then there is a little arguement about all the langues, they end up saying Java *(because you can learn it for free)*... and tell me to get a book. Seems the book will cost me ~£34. Atm i dont want to buy a book i just wont use.

Now i have got a copy of Visual Basic 6. Hopefully this will help me working out if i can DO vb, and if i can, then help me create something useful :)

Peace out!

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