Sunday, May 16

Right ok, now that has changed, I guess so much I, and as I change, so much the blog that I write.

In the past, so many promises of things I will write, and never get around to doing, such as the A-Z of Alcohol, but no, no longer will you be told that something will be coming, and it not actually happen. I promise that if I now write that I WILL do something, then it WILL happen. Now, other day, the weirdest things started happening.

Firstly I'm just standing in town, the night before I had been really restless, and in my dreams, I saw a selection of people whom I hadn't seen for ages, and when I say ages, I'm talking MORE than a year, people I went to college with, before I left that course, and even people from my 6th form. Fair enough just a weird dream, but then, when the next day you are standing in town, and one of them appears, to tell you she is in the worse situation ever. *(Got a overdraft, got a loan to pay off overdraft, lent someone the loan)*. And all you can do is stand and watch, you suddenly start to realize how powerless, us as indiviual actually are. We are controlled by systems put in place, and we have no power to change them, no power to rebel against them, the best we can do is to ignore and not use them, but unless EVERYONE does, we wont get anywhere anyway :(.

Anyways, so I meet her in town, we talk, etc its all good fun meeting old friends, at the time I'm just like... "Ok that's weird"... But I think nothing more of it. Then on Wednesday night we go to the pub \0/. After a few hours of lovely Jack Daniels and other drinks mixing in my stomach, I get my normal dehydration symtoms and so go in search of a refreshing soft drink, I was searching for something cooling to quench my first, what I didn't expect to find was 3 of my old 6th form friends.

Now this still, is all fine and dandy to most people, and even I can believe this would happen, but when it comes down to the fact that only one of the would normally talk to me, one would talk if I spoke to her first, and the last one, well she would NEVER speak to me normally, and especially if she was on her own. And they start talking, talking between them selves and to me. Which is really weird. Now, only one of these girls was truly "alternative" and this was the one who would never talk to me, bare this in mind.

The whole idea behind alternative was the idea that anyone could be accepted, no matter whom they were, as long as they did not cause any pain to others.

Now the third girl is sitting there, looking at me, saying "I'm trying not to judge him, but I just remmber how he used to be", referring to me. This I can accept, as its ever so hard to "re-judge" someone, even thought, I never should of been judged in the first place, as she never really knew me.

Part of this story is lost in the past, this girl had a sister, she was aged 15 and she sadly died in a Car accident near where I now go to college, I think this has really really effected her in a way most could not cope with.

The next time I went out, well, it was even stranger, saw her again, this time with only one friend, we talked, then she started talking to me on her own, I asked her why she never spoke to me before and she said "I tried, but you were always too drunk!", and I know for a fact, that this isn't true, as I don't normally ever get drunk,.... (what the hell is going on in her head?). Anyway, pub finally closes and we are all chucked out, Amy is running about talking to everyone in a mad drunken stooper. I go and talk to them both, and she says "please don't judge me, you will think I'm a drunken idiot", which I don't, and never will.... But I think, I hope, I want to talk to her while she is sober, so I can get to truly know her... I think maybe, she will even understand me?

So peeps, a new start, a new post ! Lets let rip!:)

Also, I have been playing a lot of a game called gunbound lately, a kool little game, a bit like worms, the only way to really describe it is if you go and play your self, its free, so what are you waiting for?

I've also been playing War Craft 3, I got a copy the other day, and its good fun! :) Not a great fan of statigy games my self, but this one has elements of RPG to it, which keeps it good fun! :)

-= Smiley =- //


DjSmiley2k said...

Just testing comments work!

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the twilight zone Smileybam :)


Barnsley-Freeads said...

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