Friday, May 21

Start of a new day, Same old shite!

Once again in college, sitting here wondering to my self what to do. I HOPE i finish this, i fuking better after all this time!. Talk about blood sweat and tears. Its reallly grinding me down hard... So i've been trying to work out what i want to do after college. I have basicly 3 choices.

1. Do teh HND.
2. Try for a Uni via Clearing
3. Get fulltime job

And right now, n.3 sounds the most promising to me. I actually hate this college now, i hate the people in it and i hate the way it is run. i feel that i have been blinded away from making certian choices by people in the college, so to make sure i stay. Well im affraid it didn't work quite right. The amount of times i've been told "univeristy is not for you".... Well, maybe not in the current suitation, which involved working with people who never meet deadlines. Now, when that happens, you also lose the will to meet any deadlines fullstop.

Being taught and looked upon as kids, where no one has respect for you. I'll give you an example. About a week ago, we were in 3d, now these rooms BOIL but legally there is NO limit to how hot a room can be before you cannot legally work there. So we all head off towards teh cantine, to get some food. Now normally on a friday there is very little food anyway. We got to the door of the cantine, push, and the bloodly door is locked. Fair enough maybe, we head down the shop, its closed TOO. Ok... can machine. NOPE, thats broken !.

We have been left, with a basicly dead college (i think we are the only class left in the college after 3pm) no source of liquid refreshment or food. (The water in the area is stupidly hard, so much so that its not even clear ^_^ ). We ask wtf? And get told..... blah blah. We are treated like kids, and they expect us to work like adults?

Its 3D today, so i might end up writing more later today, who knows :).

Peace out!

-= Smiley =- //

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