Wednesday, May 19

Weird days, hot nights....

CV's, bloody hundreds of CV's, or so it feels like....

I skipped the day off college, to see if i could find a job, seems no where in cov is looking :( so instead i tried to print off some CVs and take them in. Printers packed up. Friend of mine, kirsten comes to the rescue she prints 10 copys for me :) Damn shes gr8!. Anyway, says shes meeting my friend ian in town, i end up coming along too, fun for all the family ^_^. Anyway, blah blah, went round town, handed them to people.

Had a McDonalds, and normally when i have McD's, i have some kinda crazy alergic reaction to the stuff in them, but this time, it went one step further. I choked properly, and couldn't breath, i had kirsten opposite me, so i didn't want to spit it out (or kinda puke it up) so that she wouldn't want to eat... so i made my way, staring at the celeling, choking, to the toliet. Ran into the first one and kinda did my business. Weird thing was, i started seeing weird sparkly things infront of my eyes. That kinda freaked me out abit.

But i recovered quickly enough, well, i tried to finish my meal, but i just wasn't having it. So i gave up promptly.

Gave out more CV's, and eventually came home. What a wonderful life i lead! :-D

-= Smiley =- //

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