Wednesday, June 2

Big Brother

Big brother is now appently evil? What a pile of ol' SHITE!. Its the most stupid claim i have ever heard. For if big brother was evil, well it would truely put people to the test the way that some of the other reality tv programs do. (dont worry, i hate them all!).

But like, they claim its evil, and can no one see what they are trying to create?

A evil place would not have:
A jazzcuzi,
Massaage mats
Oils and such,
A oven, fridge and other kitchen stuff.
BEDS! (at all)

It would have NO outside, a toliet in complete darkness.

No windows, flat grey walls, small as possible.

Common C4, you can do much better than that!!!!.

And another thing to cross my small broken mind is that, how come teachers get holidays? yet students dont? People say "oh you have loads of holidays," and yes we do, but the teachers get those holidays too. So when you break it down and think about it, the teachers are in less than any pupil!.

Stupid really.


peace out!

-= Smiley =- //

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