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BT Blocks child p0rn websites

Hey all, just seen on slashdot that BT, the main broadband and telephone provider for the Uk are planning to block child porn websites. I for one think this is a truely good thing, but if you take a wander over to slashdot, where i first noticed the artical, you will see that not everyone agrees. As always the web provides a large selection of different views on any subject, and this one, is perticually explosive.

But child p0rn is bad right? Yes, and it SHOULD be blocked. It seems that everyone agrees with this. And i think they rightly would. So why are they complaining? Well, to some, its the start of a long chain of events. First isp's block the child p0rn websites. Which i as well as many many others have said is a good thing, but some think that after this, other kind of sites will also be blocked. They belive that this will mean the end of porn sites, mp3 sites, warez sites (basicly illegal goods or software). Is this such a bad thing really?

Well, i see one very scary and stupid thing happening if they DO choose to block these types of sites. Its the people that started these sites whom are the ones that invent new ways of sharing this information. First it was programs, programs would be shared over the web and people could freely download them. Then came mp3s... this caused a riot as the industy this started to effect was not the same industy that would profit from them. (If people download a computer program, they need a computer to use it. If people download a mp3, they dont need a cd player). Then along came the paedophiles. They relised that they had the best network between them for sharing infomation, infomation in the form of pictures of children.

There is hardly any programs on the web any more, there is no mp3s either. Where have they all gone? Well they have moved onto other forms of transport, namely p2p software. The biggest one to blame here is KaZZa, but even this has ways of stopping such things as child p0rn, its still based around central servers (Supernodes and a backbone) and so it can be filtered out. When kazza shuts down (which one day it will, or it will suffer a long slow death). We will move onto new technologies, some are appearing already, such as bit torrent and others. But each time, less and less people seem to use them or even know about them.

What worries me is if child p0rn is stopped at the level of the web, its going to end up traveling via other routes. Yes, please block the sites, but at the same time, you are going to have to fight the people publishing it in the first place. You cannot just stop the end user and hope that the problem will go away. What ever happens dont let them create their own network which no one will be able to find. If at the moment Suprnova only gets 10,000 constant users that is such as small part of the web. Imagine how easy it would be to hide a child p0rn ring, with a new program which no one uses. I hope this doesn't happen, it would be truely scary.

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