Monday, June 7

Damn im mad!

Hi guys,
was in town today and met channy and mike. They were kind enough to imform me that my FMP (final major project) was due in this friday. Thats less than 5days! We have been being told that we had 2 weeks after the half term, now we only have less than ONE? Yet again you can see the ways that this course gets away with fucking us around, and we can do nothing about it. I guess even if my tutor SAW this i would get in shit for it. Its truely THAT bad.
So now i have a project, which i can't really work at home on. I have no one to help me with it really either. The person who will be in tomorrow knows fuck all about 3d and can't teach us anything about it or help us out with it, and no doubt he will be doing his own agenda anyway. Prob sorting out some work of his on the side...

So we are getting fucked around and im already guessing about 50% of us have a high chance of failier. Im hoping ill be alright as im good at this kind of thing, sorting something out last minute. But at the same time, i have to make sure i can squeeze the module list out of our tutor so i can submit it to UCAS so i can try and get onto the HND @ cov uni. Someone will have to truely wish me luck with that!

Damn im soo mad right now, and its not just me either. It seems a group of us (who would normally be "star pupils") are all having the same damn problem. Surely when its a problem this large scale, its not someone being awkward? But then again i know what this college is like. My bro knows someone who got stright A's in everything, he was int he same class that my bro was in. They both like top of the class students, yet the whole class didn't get higher than a C?! Appently their tutor forgot something and didn't teach it them.... yet no one does anything about it.....


Peace out
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