Friday, June 4 Forums - Daily Topics Forums - Daily Topics...... This page, used to be the page i frequent the most, more than any other in the history of web surfing one might say. At least, in the history of my web surfing. Every so often, my habbits on the computer, mostly the sites i check on, the ones i read, the news i care about and the stuff i ignore. Well, it changes, i find new links, delete old ones... Stuff falls into the past and will never return. This is strange really, and over time, you gather more and more links, all of which become equally important. But sadly, this one no longer is. I wont delete it yet, for all might be fixed, but i think not, i think as i explain, you will also come to understand why i have no more faith in this.

This link, is to a forum. The forum is part of a project, to hopefully help find a cure to cancer, and other desises which effect humanity. I think this project and all projects like it are a great idea. Im not at all saying that no one should not try to take part, nor am i saying that any one project is better than another. I am just stating my reasons for change, and what has caused this. I strongly urge anyone that likes the idea of helping out humanity to either contact me, or look @ the links i provide (or just search google.) and at least then, if they feel that they would also like to join in something, so great that i cannot still comprehend how far some people go to do this.
I now hear a question being asked "what is this project he speaks of?", well the project i did personally was run from a site called and basicly it run a small client on your computer.
This client uses idle CPU time (i.e. unused computer power, and only unused power. this will NOT lag your machine), to do mathmatical computions. It works through blocks of data, looking for patterns or other signs (each project is different) and when its finished, it sends the data back. This is a very simple explaination and more infomation can be found on the site where the project is run from.

For over two years i ran this project, on over 30 machines *(totaling about 5years cpu time)*, at the same time as running the project, i was a member of the forum. This forum was hosted by the company that produced the software. Now, on the forum there was a constant battle going on... basicly there was people asking for a linux port of the software, so they could run it on their own linux machines (its currently windows only). It seems that everytime someone requested a linux port they were shot down for even concidering the idea. This annoyed me some what, but the comany that owns the client we run, we have to bow down to them dont we?....

So two years later, 5years of cpu time later.... Something weird starts happening with my clients, they keep going strangly wrong. I dont know why, but they just keep aborting over and over again. Over the 2years, many times had this come up on the forum, most of the time it would be worked out, someone would be overheating their machine, some dodgy ram etc. Normal problems which dont effect the adverage pc user.... but sometimes, this would happen, and no matter how much we tried, in the end, the only answer we got was "well it sometimes happens and we dont know why"... I know, as a programmer and long term computer user that this isn't possible. There is no program, (except one which writes random code) which would cause a problem so erratic that no one could fix it).

It was this "theory" from UD (the company that created the client) that got me thinking. Why bother creating something and then not really supporting it? Why create it so that it could only really be used by a small propition of the amount of people who wish to use it? I sadly only came up with one answer and that was, when the press look at them. No matter what, they will be connected, the fact this company created and runs a cancer research project... And we all know how much that effects people.

its quite possible that they cannot afford to fix the client, but if this is true, make it open source, make it so we, the users can fix it. And dont tell us any more excuses, because finally, we have had enough.

BTW at the moment i am currently running Seti, a project which is basicly looking for aliens, i know it wont save lifes but at least if this dont work, i can get it fixed. Until i find a project better supported than (i have tried folding@home and find-a-drug too.)

peace out all.
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