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Lies and pain, oh so much pain!

College for most people is paradise. Your finally freed from the pressure of school, the pressure of people watching over you constantly. Having those rules which for some reason exist, and yet do nothing but annoy. And then, there is the teachers. Oh how we all hate the teachers. Well sorry kids, somethings never change.

Ill start at the beginining. The very begining. Which would be when i was in 6th form. Nice enough place, but at the time i had stuff going on which generally meant i messed up big time, i also had chosen the wrong courses totally, i chose on what i belived was "right" to do, instead of what i wanted to do. Looking back i shouldn't of stayed at 6th form at all, i should of left as fast as i could. But whats done is done and we can't live in the past.

Then there was my first year of college, i had taken up a graphics design course, as i belived then that i could draw. I can draw, but only of things my mind can create, i can't draw acturate pictures of anything true. This also was a mistake but what didn't help was the attitudes of two teachers. Simon Gee and Robert Talbot. To be honest everyone belived that Simon Gee was gay, this didn't bother me at all as i dont care. What did bother me was the fact that he seemed to have something against me for having computer knowledge. Every week we would have a computer art course in which we would be sat in front of a computer and be made to copy what ever he created. It would come to the end of the lession and we would be told to save work etc etc. I remmber too different situations which caused us grief. The first i belive was the fact that people ran out of space on their network drives. This its self was a easly solveable problem - people just had to save their work in a compressed format which was uneditable, as apposed to the one which is default. I tried to tell simon this but his answer was to either delete old work, or store it on floppy disk etc.
The second problem was not one that Simon created but one which certinally could of been helped by him. I found that if you saved a .jpg directly to a floppy disk then it would cause the machine to crash. Now normally this wouldn't be a problem, you could save it to the hard drive, and then copy it over. But people had no more space on their hard drives, and if you tried to save the file as the default format it would be too big and fill the disk. Simon refused to belive me that the machine kept crashing and told me to keep trying (each reboot of the machine using up to 2minutes of lesson time). I kept showing him and finally he tried, to no avail, but he never did admit he was wrong.

Another pain in graphic design was the A-level art we were signed upto on fridays. On the first friday we were signed upto A-level art but no one told us this. We could of left the course (the art bit) at that very moment but no one bothered to make this clear. Even worse was the attitude of the lecturer, he would not allow the use of black paint "as it doesn't exist in real life". This was Rob Talbot btw. He never really showed us how to actively research into any art at all, and had us copying pictures from books or what other information we could fathom. He never bothered to explain how the course was actually laid out and so i didn't relise that we had 3 projects to do, each one with a workbook and a final peice. He had a general "im better than anyone else" feel to him and would speak down to everyone. He would very rarely praise anyone, and i was very surpprised when he did give me praise, once in 1 year with him twice a week.

I remmber we had a course meeting and i had been chosen as course student leader person, i actively mentioned the problems with the computer room etc and Rob Talbot said that he would look into it. Seems the replaced the computers, but sadly, they dont employ anyone at the college inteligent enought to know what computers we actually need. Yet more money wasted.

I finally left the course in the last week of the first year. I then went on holiday.

I returned and had decided that I was going to do Multimedia at Tile Hill College, i had lots of people here i knew doing it, and i knew i could do what ever the course asked of me. I joined the course and all seemed to be going well, but then things started to cause problems. We had such problems as:

- We would be told we have an assignment but never given (or given late) the sheet accomanying it.
- The dates for the hand in of any assignment would change (Seemingly randomly) to fit when ever the tutor wanted the work in.
- Attempting to hand in work early was not permitted, yet on the day of hand in we would be told that no one has completed the work yet.
- If ONE person hadn't finished a peice of work, the whole class would be left working on a finished project
- The students would be blamed for something other classes had done
- There was a incident where a student acidently changed the name of a machine, this then disabled the printer. The student was threatened with being thrown off the course. (and it was me, and trust me, this was something that i, and my friends did not know was possible).
- Tutors showed some serious lack of knowledge sometimes in programs they are teaching.
- One tutor would enter the lession, even every 5minutes to talk to another tutor. Disturbing the class and often taking the other tutor away from the class for long periods of time.
- Tutors seemed to have a massive LACK of knowledge about general working of the college, such as numbers for UCAS forms and the like (stuff you expect them to know).
- Sometimes tutor would not show up at all, leaving us to work on our own
- Sometimes no work would be set at all, we would be told "you have something to do" and i wouldn't for i like to make sure all work is complete.
- I was awarded a distinction for the building of a computer (pass level) and then i have never recived reckonition of this, as the lecturer left.
- Also many broken promises, we have been told many many times that we were going to be doing something and it called off, told that we would be getting something and it not happening. Also it seems that a number of illegal or dodgy pratices were taking place at the same time.

As well as this, we have the constant telling of us that we never meet deadlines, that we will all fail in university. Also we are subjected to a lack of respect to us. Recently we have been doing our FMP (final major project) which basicly dipicits our whole grade for the last two years. 90% of the students needed to film in the college grounds. Multipul times they were told that cameras were ready for their use when they wanted them, how ever when they asked for them they found they were either beening lent out to other classes or the battery had not been charged.
About 50% of the students were planning to do the HND, we had been promised many things from our tutor, and now our tutor is leaving, throwing out the doubt that we will get nothing of what has been promised, but now it is too late to apply to university or what ever.

I think im lucky as in im going to apply to university anyway. and god help the college if they dont help me apply.

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Anonymous said...

Dude, That's all fucked up. Really does sound like the place sucks arse. Good luck with getting into Uni! Though I hate to be the one to break it, but I doubt that'll be much better (My uni course Sucked Arse)... :-(

- Robin (who can't be arsed to create an account)

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