Thursday, June 3

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Hi all
How many of you have heard of "open source software"? Not many i would guess.. and i bet even less of you actually know what it means? Basicly its when a company has a program they have created, and the choose to let the public see the code which creates that program.

Now, at the moment, there is massive war going on between many different companys, IBM, Microsoft, SCO, Linux (not a company i know!!) etc.... The start of this what that SCO claimed that linux had stolen part of the code from their much loved Unix.

Now, if this was found to be true, it would mean that SCO have the right to charge everyone using linux. So what you ask? Well, linux is free. Its a free operating system. FREE? yes, free as the air. Problem is its normally very large and difficult to download (unless you have a nice fast internet connection, i can download a Distro in about 5hours).

What is even better though is that linux is open source. This means that anyone can view the code. If anyone can view the code, then anyone can debug the code. It means you have a much better program, one which is safer, more reliable.

Also as you can see, i've added an extra bit at the bottom here, to tell you my mood and such ! :)

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Anonymous said...

hey smiley, jen here nice seein you again ive missed you!! have fun with all your computer jibberish that i dont understand lol

DjSmiley2k said...

Arg, jen, my sister? or jen, who i know from 6th form?

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