Wednesday, June 16

Stress of exams.

Im currently remmbering all the stress that various people throughout my life have put me through, there is many cases of extreme stress which now, people are finally starting to relise can be unhealthy over a long period of time. The most worrying thing is the largest stress is the stree that ocoors at the times in my life where i need to be thinking the most streight. Anyone in their teen years will know exactly what im talking about, and most of us will of felt exam stress at some point of our lifes.

At the moment people are taking all sorts of exams, gcses (soon anyway), university exams, other tests from various forms of education. And the strangest thing? Is that most of these tests will prove nothing more than if a student has the power to memorise a book. The book in question is the book of answers. For ever exam there is answers, and should you be able to memorise enough of these then you will pass, even if you had only encountered the subject 5 minutes before.

This means, in my eyes at least, that exams are extremely flawed. Especially at what they are meant to do, prove (or disprove) a students ability to carry out tasks based around a subject they have studied. Whats even more stupid i find about exams is the way that they dont take into effect the circumstances in which the "tested" is placed. They by no way look at any skills that the "tested" has, and anything else which is effecting them on the day of the test. Such things can vary from injurys to other problems happening in the background. Many things can put you off in a exam and this is another reason why they are so flawed.

Whats really stupid is when the exam doesn't actually matter at all to the student, and yet it is pushed upon them by the school or college. When i say this i talk of the key skills exams, which you end up taking over and over again at different stages of education. There is other exams like these also. The problem i have with them is not taking them, but the way that teachers will push their students so hard to reach different levels in which they would not normally be aiming for. Also what annoys me is when schools and college know they will be inspected. And every student ever will agree with this, you will find that they change everything around the college or school, I know at my college (city college coventry) that hundreds of things changed, but the biggest was the way that we were caught, during normal day to day activitys we would have teachers leaving and re-entering the classrooms all the time, during the inspection they would not leave. We would be forced to have normal timed breaks, the teaching would change style also.

Anyway you start to see my point.

The food is burning and i must run....

Comments welcome! Anyone had the same?

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