Wednesday, June 16 is dead (for now) is offically down due to the fact that the nice guy that ran it can't afford to any more. Which tbh is a fair as enuf excuse as any. No one was paying him (directly anyway) so why are they complaining so badly?

If they are THAT bothered about a blog, then they should host it them selfs, like i do, with my website. Anyway, i think i might start playing everquest again (or evercrack if ya have heard of it ^_^). Just need to find a mini pack to get me started.... Problem is, i could order it from america for about £2, but then customs bang on vat etc and it takes awhile to get here also, so instead i hope to find it in town and buy it there !!.

Wish me luck

Mood: Melting
Currently Listening to: Cars outside amys window
Word of the day: Snot

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