Sunday, June 6

Weird dream last night

2 posts within 5minutes? wow!

I had a really weird dream last night. i dont know why yet, but normally i work out where my dreams have come from.

At first i was in some kind of theme park, it was about midday, it wasn't in the uk, i know that much. There was a castle and stuff lying around. A old man appeared, i think i was young again about 7maybe?. The old man was meant to be the old wizard out of harry potter. He asked if we were all ready and we agreed. He then announced that he was going to release the creatures. I then knew, that i had two creatures after me, they would not hurt me, but i had to destory them. It was some kind of game. I fell backwards into a bush, and the two creatures, rather like large fat fluffy dogs jumpped on top of me, and just kept me there. I did the spell for light, limumaris?. It did nothing, then i did another spell, i think the one that is the most feared in the books. It made one of the creatures go flying and the other one vanished. I quickly stood up, and ran off, i was running around this park kinda thing for awhile, then i saw someones else creature, i ignored it and kept going. I saw mine again and killed it (or what eva i did to it!). Then i headed off to find my mum, i found her walking around looking for a supermarket. I also found my girlfriend, Amy, there... Amy and i walked off for awhile and i showered her my wand, she took the mick and grabbed some twig and started waving it at me. I then walked off again, and i dont know where Amy went, i saw my mum. I was with my mum and we walked down past some shops looking for wilkosons. I relised that we had gone in the wrong direction. We walked back the other way. We reached what looked like a massive wall, and just at the top there was a opening, and there was a disco inside. I turned to my left and there was what appeared to be some steps down to the next floor down. But looking at them closer i relised they were just peices of wood, on pillars to make it look mexican. At the same time my brother had climed quite far out onto these. Also, a kid i know called sean began to climb onto them too, i knew they wern't attached so i told sean to come back. He tried to turn and started to slip. I shouted to my brother, and a big mexican came out of the shop next door, he saw what was happening. I dont remmber what happened then, but next thing i knew, we were at the bottom, and the mexican was climbing down holding shawn...

Then i woke up. What you make of that!!

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