Friday, June 4

What to write!!

Hey everyone!
Well, I dont really know what to write! I was going to write about music or about stereotypes or something like that, but isn't that the sort of thing everyone writes about?!? Well I thought so anyway, so I thought I would Just write about random things lol. Well heres something random Thats a really quite funny website which my friends made about a guy called Ben who we don't like lol! I am part of the FMK(forget me knott) team ^.^ but I'm not ment to tell anyone lol, oh well I've told everyone who reads this now! Make sure you visit it becaus it is very funny indeed!! I hope it will be easier to think of stuff to write in here after I have written a couple of times...well i'm not to sure what to put now lol so i guess this is where i say bye bye xxx --peace out--.
Mood: Happy
Currently Listening to: Nothing...I'm watching the TV
Word of the day: Heabba! (Heabba is what Heather's, my friend, Japanese Grandmother calls her lol!:p)

-= Stacey =- //

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