Thursday, June 10

Where have i been?

Your prob wondering where i have been for the last few days, well if im honest, i dont even know, but that doesn't stop me making up some random story for your enjoyment. Lets see i have been to college, and now, for the first time ever. I have FINISHED a course. The fact that i have to go back on two more days, for a reason i dont know of yet, is partly random but i've still finished none the less. Now what else has happened? I've got a interview for safeways for a job. It could be ANY job at anytime doing ANYthing, which is kind weird really as im normally very fussy about jobs and such, which is prob the same reason i haven't got a job yet. But it looks like things are improving as such and hopefully this time next week i will be looking at a full job.

Also i've been adding franticly to the linkz section at the side, and we have some very kool websites for you to visit there, and incidently, it seems that this, plus my other website has somehow increased my page rank within google so that if you search for "djsmiley" then i am top! Not sure what happens if you add anything to that yet, must check.

Currently Listening to:The wind (about to turn music on now i noticed!
Word of the day: Stella....

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Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed shopping with Sainsburys the other day and recieved top quality service.
Tak care

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