Thursday, July 22

If i promise, will you belive?

Hey all yo kiddies....

wait, thats what i say to suckers. Hum, (goes away to try again)

Hi everyone,

Tis tim, doing his "thang...". Nope, its not working is it? Your refusing to forget that i left you out in the cold of the web without a blog to read? Damn, im sorry....

I been doing many many things though, ranging from going to work, to spending hours gaming ( or even being stuck inside a pub til 4am.
Honest, its true! (ok i could of left the pub....)

Anyway some of us are really busy and that means i aint done anthing yet =/ no blog, no work, everything has been sitting on the sidelines. Hey, i know what, time for yet another start is it not ?

We shall see where this is headed from now on.

Mood: Happy but Wet
Currently Listening to: Buddas music...
Word of the day: Nuptual.

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