Tuesday, August 24

Cov uni

Im going to university! YEY!, i said i would write about what happened, and if i didn't then im sorry for repeating my self. But if you were a search engine, you would realise that this means that what im writing about is more important that the things i only write about once!.

It all started many yonks ago back when i started this blog. We (the students of the course) were told to do ucas forms, it was time to decide where we wanted to go. I was told to work out what courses i wanted to do, and where i wanted to do them... In the background the strong vibes which later meant i changed my decision at a split second could be heard, this vibes were of lecutures telling students that they SHOULD stay in the college, and that they would never make it at university. The number quoted to use, from a group of 18(ish) was that only TWO people in the whole group would do well at uni, and the rest of us might as well stay at college.

I at the time was very low and i took this to heart, i thought i could do nothing, and felt capeble of about the same. At the time i had older students telling me to go for it, from all walks of life, the one that finally made the difference, i remmber, was Amanda. She had been told like me that she wouldn't do well in university, and yet was enjoying it to the full. I knew her via my girlfriend and somehow see her as some sort of peer figure, for the fact that shes done the same route as me and i was following in her footsteps. She was also the odd one out of the group, choosing to stand out and voice her views as apposed to going with the crowd.
The final switching took along time, but i know now when i started to realise what i was doing. She came in one day and requested her work, as she needed it as she had a interview coming up. She had requested her work a few times before, and been ignored on all of them. After trying this many times to get her work, she asked someone higher up to help her, and then it was finally being sorted out, she went away some where forawhile and came back to ask for it. It was handed over to her, and then after the door, the comment of "Annoying stupid bitch" was said.

Now, i know people can have bad days, where everything goes wrong. But for ever Amanda had always had problems with this course, not that she didn't cause some of them, but some of them were defenintly NOT her choosing.

Anyway, this comment got me thinking, thinking so hard infact i started to see the cracks in the plan, i saw what the college was really like. This is what i discuss before... And then it hit me, i didnt' want to be here, i didn't enjoy it and it wasn't for me.
I decided i needed to do something different, after having my ideas of doing a Art Degree shot down, i went off this idea again *(i think maybe one day i might return)*. Instead i started looking at various courses, many of which were pretty crazy ideas, and then i turned around on something i had done for ages. I chose to do a course in something i enjoyed instead of something im good at.
I ended up chosing the HND in network computing. Which was kool and stuff but it gets even better now, i phoned up and rang in my results (After years of trying to sort that out) and the guy mentions that i have enought to do the Degree program instead. I mentioned that i had no previous experince in computing and he told me that i dont need it. How ever, i know that what experince i do have, should hopefully help \o/. So now im doing a dregree course and if i pass i get weird letters after my name!

Peace out people, still gotta set up P-radio tho =/

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