Friday, August 27

First day on the P-Rock radio, played some nice songs, oldish mostly. Bit of queen, bit of paparoach.

my brother is in reading, i hope hes enjoying him self. But i know for SURE that he wont be listening to this, nor reading this blog, but hey. thats life?!

Anyway, i should post, about how work is hell but funny, about how university is now confirmed. i should tell you about all the great things in my life like how i am me.
But im not, oh no.

Im going to write randomly, a scrible on the wall of life. Thats all i am, thats all the blog is, its a mark, a stain... a disturbance in the equalibrum which controls all of life. I hope im here, to upset stuff, to change things, to make things happen and to reap the effects, be they good or bad. What this means quite, i dont know. I only know that i feel something. There was a painting, "the scream". Its been stolen twice so far. Thats not my point, my point is the small lyric which comes with it.

I wandered along the road with two friends – the sun set – I felt a sort of sad breath of air – The sky suddenly turned blood red – I stopped, leaned towards the railing, dead tired – saw the blazing sky like blood and swords – the black and blue fiord and the city – My friends walked along – I stood there trembling with anguish – and I experienced a big endless scream through nature
The fact is, the painting its self, i dont respect. But sometimes, i feel that same scream, i felt it the other day in fact.... a few hours later, 2 russian planes crashed. I have only just realised this my self, im about to go check on a news site tos ee what time they crashed. I felt the scream at about 4:43pm GMT. i know this as i felt, it i told my girlfriend, i've felt this kind of thing before and tend to keep some kind of track of it. It hurts me though, it scares me.

OK freaky. 2 hours later 2 russian planes crashed in different places, at the same time =/

Anyway, everytime i read that quote, i feel a shiver... Just very strange.

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