Friday, August 6

Haven't done this in a while...

Mood: Happy.
Currently Listening to: Ash - Girl from mars.
Word of the day: Flake (don't ask why).

Hey, I just adopted a fetus!I adopted a cute lil' fetusfrom Fetusmart! Hooray fetus! how odd! Hmm, every one who writes in here always writes about something remotely interesting where as I write about how I adopted a fetus ¬_¬. Oh well, its better than writing nothing I guess.

I was reading this thing on the internet the other day which was advising young people to only eat fruit and vegetables and nothing else in order to not get spots =S. So you may not have spots but you would be anorexic. Yeah sure that's the answer, not. I do know a good way to remove all toxins though, you have to get about 20ml of sunflower oil and swill it around your mouth for 20 minutes (that's how long it for the blood to circulate around the body) and then all the toxins come out through your gums! I dont think it would taste very nice but hey!

hmm well I've got to go now. buh-bye xxx

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