Saturday, August 21


Once again i haven't posted for ages. Reasons which do not actually matter, i had a week of work. I played lots of . I just generally did fuck all, all week!

I just found a load of kool guys in quakenet, they are planning to run their own internet radio station. Looks like ill be allowed to join in too. If i am, and i think i will be, then ill hopefully use this as a place to drop reviews, links etc for you all to enjoy! is their website atm, but its still under work. Maybe visit them on #p-rock (quakenet) using

I have also modified lots of bits of my website, and in some places broke it also.

I need to look at buying a microphone for my PC, the one i have atm is off the old Cyrix 300. So thats kind of useless really. No pick up at all! Grrr!

Anyway, we shall see how this goes now.

P.S. I got merit merit pass in my btec, which means on monday or tuesday i can go down and get my place on the course!

When i have time i should really post the whole story about that, the phone calls and the stress, but not right now (and maybe never).

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