Monday, August 30

Reading Fest is over, let the reviews begin!

Monday morning, cold and wet. The wind was blowing the curtians and my bedroom was freezing. It took only a few seconds of thought to realise that my girlfriend was still in nottingham, and that i was at home, cold, in my bed. The alarm clock went off with its normal Cockadoodledo sound and i jumpped out of bed, the same way i had so many times before.

Except this time, i didn't need to. I had nothing to do, no where to go, no one to see. Its been a strange day, so cold. I deicded to walk up the bank and get my bank book, then i remmebered that the bank was closed, as i was standing outside. The wind was cutting me to the bone, so cold.

I had already decided that i wasn't going to work. I dont need the money (as i can't get to it anyway) and it was a bank holiday, meaning it would be stupidly busy. When i phoned up i got the normal "nag" and then its done, no more work for today.
I can hear various sounds throughout the house, i think my dad came home, maybe my sister is making some food. Im never hungry, but always needing to eat.

I've only ever gone to a few festivals, and when i do eventually go, ill have to make sure its not for the music. As i know, that there is so many people, it means i think that the music becomes almost diluted?. I dont know but i tend to like the bands with a more personal feel.... My Ruin being a perfect example. When i saw them in birmingham, we saw them outside (even if i did have ash / chicken in my eye). They were just normal people, no giant crowd cheering them on, nothing weird at all about them. And then, when they did their stuff, it was so much more than any band thats proforming to thousands of people, because they can hear the indivual screams, shouts and pain of their fans. I got to touch tarri b twice. That i wont be forgetting.

But how ever, i hope everyone in reading enjoyed them selfs, im sure my brother will be home at somepoint today. No doubt smelly and dirty too =D.

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