Tuesday, September 7


Kirsten will do what she wants, she, of all people, should. But at the same time, i watch in the background, in the shadows, making sure she is ok.

Her dad is clamping down on who she can "go out" with. I really dont understand this, then again, i dont understand why they wont let her goto the colly either. I went, for over a year, EVERY damn thursday. Then finally oneday, i realised how bad it actually was becoming *(yes, i still say it was ok for awhile)* and stopped going.

Everyone rebels to some extent. Its a fact of life, it proves that we have the intellegence to make a choice and decide to do something, which isn't built in, which is a choice. The fact that her dad is telling her who she can and can't go out with, means, by default that she will do the opposite. Not because she wants to disobey her dad, but because her brain tells her that she must do this to prove her own self worth.

I see my self as a pretty balanced person, whos intouch with my interself, but even i do this , without meaning to and sometimes definatly not knowing i am. Its strange how much our brain controls us without us knowing it.

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Anonymous said...

w00t w00t! see i do read your journal you turnip!
spooky about the crashing planes though....


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