Monday, September 6

Laptop for sale!

I have a laptop now for sale.

Hi all

You might remember awhile back i brought a laptop with the intention
of installing Linux on it and running it as a test rig for me. Sadly i
neither had the time, nor energy to get this project started.

Also it seems i killed the laptop to some extent. How ever, it did
cost me over £200 and i would, if i can, like to make some of this
cost back.

Would anyone be interested in buying a working, but not in usable
state laptop?. I believe that all you need is either a laptop adapter
which works with it, so you can install a operating system (i believe
this is what the guy that sold me did) or buy a floppy drive for it,
so you can access the BIOS etc. (Costing approx £30, but i only found
one website stocking them, and they were out of stock).

I would love to be able to hand it over to some one to mess around
with, and leave it with them, them paying me if they could get it
working (on a basis of trust) but i can't currently do this. (my mum
would kill me for deff.). So instead I'm trying to sell it, hopefully
so it can be used for something.

I think its approx a 133mhz, with 4gig hard drive. If anyone is
interested then i will get exact details etc.

As for cost, i have no idea what its worth. Only thing i can go by is
ebay, which is pretty unrealible anyway. I guess i would be happy if i
got even £100 for it.

Cheers all,
Tim Bowers.

P.S. It came with 98 working on it fine, i happened to format the
drive, and it led to this long story of distaster.

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