Thursday, December 23

Christmas Cheer and myrid of fears...

Currently around me the whole of my world is hurtling towards that special time, once all about the birth of a child, now about monopolies making money. Yet, me the guy who says "i hate monopolies" is enjoying him self. Wow.

Yep, Christmas time is the one time i guess i really dont care how much i spend. I dont mean i let go of all controls, but its no way as strict as i normally am with my money, and it brings me happyness when i know i have the pefect pressies for everyone, and when they open them they will all be happy on that festive day. \o/

I think i've done quite well this year, however, i still have nothing for my mums birthday on the 28th. Hopefully the shops will of reopened by then and i can pick something nice up...
But thats not to be worried about now, nor is the fact i have some c/w to do for uni. Its sitting there in my bag and now i guess it will stay there until i get worried enough about it that i pluck it out and get on with it!

I had some things i wanted to talk about today, but is it worth it i ask? Maybe. Last night i saw some of the comedy awards, they were pretty boring actually, i think the producers are trying to cover too much with one show. Instead of just covering comedy shows, they covered every type of show, and just stuck the word comedy on the begining...
But it was very kool when Steven Hawkins did a guest appearance to give an award to Matt Groening for the hit show the Simpsons. A list of most of the awards is here.

Other random stuff is happening in the world today, and most of it is crazy. People are increasingly blaming computer games for the problems in todays youth. Wait, i was todays youth not to long ago and i know that i never did anything from computer games. Well, not nothing exactly, but nothing like stabbing people and such random crazyness. Also what really seems to hit me hard is the fact that we see these events happening concerning lads aged 12-17 and yet they are playing games which are clearly labled as 18. This means that somehow they are getting games which are not meant to people of their age. Some teenagers maybe more mature than others and be able to cope with these scenes and some surely CAN'T.

Some people say blame the people selling the games, and yes, part of this is the problem, but more often that not, its the parents buying what ever the child wants without taking any notice of the age rating. I know this from fact from when i worked in a supermarket and i had parents buying games, when with them they had v.young children, i would warn them about the age warning and they would seem to not care. Sometimes they would even be annoyed. Madness resumes, now amy and her friend are here, i guess its time to stop this rant... Night Night. And merry CHirstmas!

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Sunday, December 19


[13:38] * Now talking in #psychology
[13:38] are you a student?
[13:39] no, just taken one psychology class in the past, just bored and dropped in to see if anything interesting was going on
[13:39] hum i got some wierd theorys on how the mind works, my bros taking it (or was.... i think hes dropped it now) and he thinks i might be right...
[13:39] especially stuff about how we memorise stuff, and how its connected to other effects.
[13:39] what kind of theories
[13:39] explain
[13:40] and why its easiler for some people to memorise different things
[13:40] right hard to explain on irc.... erm,
[13:40] basicly, see the mind as a giant grid.
[13:40] each memory having a number of cord's.
[13:41] i think we memorise each singl'r movement and reaction by each mulcle indivually
[13:41] and when these are grouped together and "rerun" it allows us to remmber what happened.
[13:42] but parts of these, some times singluar movements by lets say, your arm moving in one direction, will happen in MANY memories
[13:42] thats the basis of learning...
[13:42] what do you mean? rerun?
[13:42] ermm
[13:43] like your mind simulates it for you
[13:43] aha
[13:43] so you can "see" what happened
[13:43] think of how a computer works
[13:43] it has a set of data which says something happens
[13:43] to runs it through a simulator and you end up with a video of what happened
[13:43] basicly i think our mind does the same
[13:44] instead of holding actual "memories", it holds the instructions to create the memories
[13:44] and these instructions maybe reused to create parts of other memories.
[13:44] * Smiley121 thinks for a second...
[13:45] and i guess, that would also explain dreams, are where you break down the barriers of other memories, and memories which share instructions start interacting with each other
[13:45] Do "we" know why we forget dreams when we wake up?
[13:45] not that I know
[13:45] i wonder
[13:46] i dont forget my dreams
[13:46] we release various chemcials when we sleep?
[13:46] why would you break down barriers of other memories in dreams?
[13:46] Langly, most people do.... i dont most of the time...
[13:46] heck i even have lucid dreams where im in control alot
[13:46] sengehest, maybe we dont, maybe we STOP it happenin when we are away.
[13:46] awake*
[13:47] BTW: if you pinch yourself in a dream, it does hurt
[13:47] Langly1 << if you forget your dream, do you know you've forgotton ?!
[13:47] in my dream, it did not :)
[13:47] maybe its the minds way of keeping us sane.
[13:47] we discard dreams, because they dont matter.
[13:47] well if you cant remember any dream you know youve forgotten
[13:48] as soon as they happen when we are awake. then we are psycho!
[13:48] Langly? you dont ALWays dream.
[13:48] ive solved complex mechanical puzzles in my dreams, woken up and tried to solutiona and it worked
[13:48] thats normal too :p
[13:48] some people believe dreams are random nerve impulses sent from brain stem and interpreted by the cortex as real life activity
[13:48] ever dreamt whole convosations...
[13:48] i never have nightmares anymore, havent for ages
[13:49] and then the convo happens...
[13:49] although yes sometimes have monsters and such in my dreams, they arnt nightmares
[13:49] i always fight and defeat them, more like an action adventure dream than a nightmare
[13:49] bbl
[13:49] sengehest : if we dreamt a we were awake, people would say we had lost it yes?
[13:49] what do you mean?
[13:50] um, i have dreamed waking up and brushing my teeth and getting ready to leave before
[13:50] Langly, i used to have dreams where i would fight my brother... bazooka shells would mean i could fly... machine guns an all ;)
[13:50] then my mom came and woke me up to get ready and i was like WTF
[13:50] i've dreamt many things....
[13:50] you mean if we dreamt and used our body movements at the same time?
[13:50] i mean
[13:50] i was 2 hours late for school once due to a dream
[13:50] if you were walkin down the street, and you said you saw something
[13:50] people call it hulcination...
[13:51] kept dreaming i would wake up and start getting ready, then be back in bed get up and get ready, back in bed get up get ready
[13:51] maybe its just the brain forgetting to keep memories sperate
[13:51] so i wound up just staying asleep instead of dreaming of getting up again
[13:51] till i finaly woke up
[13:51] Smiley121 I believe so
[13:51] then i wasnt sure if it was a real wakeup at first
[13:51] langly that would freak me
[13:52] ive seen far far freakyer
[13:52] so maybe, there is some chemcial or something which normally stops us having dreams during "awakeness"
[13:52] and when it fails.... well we all know what happens then. normally involves people getting shot =/
[13:52] I dont think so, i can get so tired i can pracicaly see dreams just by closing my eyes
[13:52] while im still awake
[13:53] but your imagineing that?
[13:53] your brain is creating it from memories...
[13:53] or thoughts
[13:53] no just with the closing of my eyes, even sounds sometimes
[13:54] Smiley121: Maybe the other way around, because during REM, the motor area is paralyzed. that way we dont use our body when we think the dream is real
[13:54] the signals from the motor area
[13:54] but when we sleepwalk, its because the motor area hasn't stopped as it should
[13:55] thats right
[13:55] so to think that the thing that creates memories hasn't turned off.. isn't too crazy?
[13:55] some people miss the paralysis, and they have a problem
[13:55] i used to do that...
[13:55] no. it is not crazy at all
[13:55] i can also do mad stuff like hypotise my self
[13:55] send my body in to spasms...
[13:56] turn off pain receptors
[13:56] some people have killed or raped during sleep
[13:56] and did not get convicted because of it


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