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[13:38] * Now talking in #psychology
[13:38] are you a student?
[13:39] no, just taken one psychology class in the past, just bored and dropped in to see if anything interesting was going on
[13:39] hum i got some wierd theorys on how the mind works, my bros taking it (or was.... i think hes dropped it now) and he thinks i might be right...
[13:39] especially stuff about how we memorise stuff, and how its connected to other effects.
[13:39] what kind of theories
[13:39] explain
[13:40] and why its easiler for some people to memorise different things
[13:40] right hard to explain on irc.... erm,
[13:40] basicly, see the mind as a giant grid.
[13:40] each memory having a number of cord's.
[13:41] i think we memorise each singl'r movement and reaction by each mulcle indivually
[13:41] and when these are grouped together and "rerun" it allows us to remmber what happened.
[13:42] but parts of these, some times singluar movements by lets say, your arm moving in one direction, will happen in MANY memories
[13:42] thats the basis of learning...
[13:42] what do you mean? rerun?
[13:42] ermm
[13:43] like your mind simulates it for you
[13:43] aha
[13:43] so you can "see" what happened
[13:43] think of how a computer works
[13:43] it has a set of data which says something happens
[13:43] to runs it through a simulator and you end up with a video of what happened
[13:43] basicly i think our mind does the same
[13:44] instead of holding actual "memories", it holds the instructions to create the memories
[13:44] and these instructions maybe reused to create parts of other memories.
[13:44] * Smiley121 thinks for a second...
[13:45] and i guess, that would also explain dreams, are where you break down the barriers of other memories, and memories which share instructions start interacting with each other
[13:45] Do "we" know why we forget dreams when we wake up?
[13:45] not that I know
[13:45] i wonder
[13:46] i dont forget my dreams
[13:46] we release various chemcials when we sleep?
[13:46] why would you break down barriers of other memories in dreams?
[13:46] Langly, most people do.... i dont most of the time...
[13:46] heck i even have lucid dreams where im in control alot
[13:46] sengehest, maybe we dont, maybe we STOP it happenin when we are away.
[13:46] awake*
[13:47] BTW: if you pinch yourself in a dream, it does hurt
[13:47] Langly1 << if you forget your dream, do you know you've forgotton ?!
[13:47] in my dream, it did not :)
[13:47] maybe its the minds way of keeping us sane.
[13:47] we discard dreams, because they dont matter.
[13:47] well if you cant remember any dream you know youve forgotten
[13:48] as soon as they happen when we are awake. then we are psycho!
[13:48] Langly? you dont ALWays dream.
[13:48] ive solved complex mechanical puzzles in my dreams, woken up and tried to solutiona and it worked
[13:48] thats normal too :p
[13:48] some people believe dreams are random nerve impulses sent from brain stem and interpreted by the cortex as real life activity
[13:48] ever dreamt whole convosations...
[13:48] i never have nightmares anymore, havent for ages
[13:49] and then the convo happens...
[13:49] although yes sometimes have monsters and such in my dreams, they arnt nightmares
[13:49] i always fight and defeat them, more like an action adventure dream than a nightmare
[13:49] bbl
[13:49] sengehest : if we dreamt a we were awake, people would say we had lost it yes?
[13:49] what do you mean?
[13:50] um, i have dreamed waking up and brushing my teeth and getting ready to leave before
[13:50] Langly, i used to have dreams where i would fight my brother... bazooka shells would mean i could fly... machine guns an all ;)
[13:50] then my mom came and woke me up to get ready and i was like WTF
[13:50] i've dreamt many things....
[13:50] you mean if we dreamt and used our body movements at the same time?
[13:50] i mean
[13:50] i was 2 hours late for school once due to a dream
[13:50] if you were walkin down the street, and you said you saw something
[13:50] people call it hulcination...
[13:51] kept dreaming i would wake up and start getting ready, then be back in bed get up and get ready, back in bed get up get ready
[13:51] maybe its just the brain forgetting to keep memories sperate
[13:51] so i wound up just staying asleep instead of dreaming of getting up again
[13:51] till i finaly woke up
[13:51] Smiley121 I believe so
[13:51] then i wasnt sure if it was a real wakeup at first
[13:51] langly that would freak me
[13:52] ive seen far far freakyer
[13:52] so maybe, there is some chemcial or something which normally stops us having dreams during "awakeness"
[13:52] and when it fails.... well we all know what happens then. normally involves people getting shot =/
[13:52] I dont think so, i can get so tired i can pracicaly see dreams just by closing my eyes
[13:52] while im still awake
[13:53] but your imagineing that?
[13:53] your brain is creating it from memories...
[13:53] or thoughts
[13:53] no just with the closing of my eyes, even sounds sometimes
[13:54] Smiley121: Maybe the other way around, because during REM, the motor area is paralyzed. that way we dont use our body when we think the dream is real
[13:54] the signals from the motor area
[13:54] but when we sleepwalk, its because the motor area hasn't stopped as it should
[13:55] thats right
[13:55] so to think that the thing that creates memories hasn't turned off.. isn't too crazy?
[13:55] some people miss the paralysis, and they have a problem
[13:55] i used to do that...
[13:55] no. it is not crazy at all
[13:55] i can also do mad stuff like hypotise my self
[13:55] send my body in to spasms...
[13:56] turn off pain receptors
[13:56] some people have killed or raped during sleep
[13:56] and did not get convicted because of it


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