Monday, January 24

Hey everyone,

sometimes we have little people on the net that annoy us, well i have one and shes plain annoying. The whole fact that she has NO idea wtf she is going on about, causes me much amusement and is the reason i dont just block her and forget about her. I would rather teach the little bitch a lession and show her that there is many things to fear in life, and i should be one of them. Not for my power or "Skillz" but the idea that i, belive in karma, and the power of 3, and that eventually anything she does will come back to her, simple as can be.

So let it be known from this day, that now is truely annoying, please feel free to email her, spam her, annoy her in any way possible, she loves p0rn spam and will happily have you sign her up for any type of mailing list ever.



Sometimes it seems, people do read my site, they have seen my message and came running in their millions, this new attack involves 14year olds, who amazingly with their limited knowledge of the world this one goes by the email of : .

It seems its really pissed them off, so now they have started telling people that im doing something on cam, or something like this as im having people add me. Wow, scary.


Oh these guys are so hardcore im scared, they are doing punky hardcore stuff like putting my address out in chat rooms and saying im doing stuff on cam XD, funny or what ;)

keep it coming guys.

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