Friday, January 14

People taking the mind to take notice of what they say

It happens everyday, to everyone, unless of course your dead. Mothers and Child, brother and sister, people in the traffic, teachers and pupils, even maybe the lollypop lady.

Each and every day people say things, and without meaning it, hurt someones feelings. This is a problem which hit me suddenly the otherday and faced me with a dialema which nearly changed my life, and the way i looked at things forever. Scariest thing of all? It was from someone i never expected it. The normally most plascid, calm, nice, young lady i know, and in a moment, she said something, which for a few days had shattered my world.

What she said i wont repeat, for many reason, i dont have her permission, i dont remmber exactly, and there is no need for this. But this, while it was probrerly a joke, or a case of the internet malforming the meaning of sentances but still, it upset me and crushed me deep down somewhere.

Now that i look back, i talk to people who know the accused, they agree, it was all proberly a joke gone wrong. Nice thing about this is the accused will never know what pain they caused, and if my assertations are correct, this may oneday lead to the idea of a pain free world, i mean, if all the pain drains away, surely thats a GOOD thing? I like to think so!.
So now, i sit here in my bedroom, my brothers falling asleep behind me, his head resting on the corner of my bed, i have just noticed the strangest of things.

The way i type is quite relaxed, and i tend to lean back, this means my hands are nearly always in the same place on the keyboard, and i can reach the letters without even thinking about it. Strange thing is, even as i think about what im writing, i dont actually think about any of the letters, i tell my hands to type the word, and they work out the rest. Crazyness. Anyway, my hands sitting in the same place has caused a few things to happen. Least of all i get RSI, repetive strain injury. This can be a bit of a annonce but nothing more, i keep off typing for long periods of time for a few days and it goes away.
The second thing is that the dirt on this keyboard is amazing, its got its own shapes and imprints, nothing can surive the pressure of my fingers rapidly thrashing around hitting the various keys and so they shine, so brightly, yet the sides of the keys are a deep dirty grey colour. Also a few letters have warn away.

But the biggest thing i noticed, was while i was looking at how the dirt is embedded into the keyboard, that in the space bar, there is a dent. Now this is no small dent, this is quite an impact, and it looks like its been left by my thumb, which i use on its side to type spaces. As this is a totally plastic key'ed keyboard, i think this is quite kool!

No one has a keyboard quite like this one! =)

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