Friday, February 4

Health and safey eh? Fuck that!

It happens to everyone, we have the stupid "Health and Safety Poster" making thing in school, few years later you have it again... in college....

I never thought they would have me doing it in website form in UNI!

My comments on a uni message board :

As students, we DON'T care about health and safety, its simply not "Cool" to care about such things as these. People only take notice after the fact that someone has been hurt happens, and then its to see if they can blame someone.

Websites are normally passive items (i.e. you CHOOSE to view a website,
as aposed to a poster, which is hanging on a wall and you generally dont
choose to go a different route to avoid a poster!), and so no one will
actively choose to view the infomation contained within unless forced to
Just think about ELUA's, they are legal binding documents, yet who ever
bothers to read them ?

Its only afterwards when they are being sued by
Company X for reverse enginering their programs that they notice line
200,003 which says this is prohibited.

Im not attacking you Peter, nor do i have anything against what you are
trying to teach, i think so far that the lectures have been wonderful, i
am enjoying them greatly (even though i know 90% of the stuff already),
because of the energy and and effort you put into them, and so, i tend to
try and give back the same amount of effort in my homeworks, and
courseworks ~(even when i forget to hand them in!), but sadly, i doubt
this coursework will be gaining much of my attention, because its
something i've covered way too many times before."

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