Sunday, March 13

Humans are scared...

Alien sightings...

The universe is infinte, ok, its NOT actually infinte but for the presence of any person in todays world it might as well be, due to the fact they could never escape it in the possible given time frame.
Life IS out there, oh yes, i know it is, its an impossiblity that it isn't.

But at the same time, i dont think anyone has yet met "aliens", WHY? Because i belive what the humans that think they have met something, is also the same effect which i belive causes people to see things, to halucenate and generally act very strange.

It all comes down to this idea i had one day, when i was thinking about out of body experinces and how i had one once when i was ill. I suddenly realised that it is possible that all the people that are locked up in "mental hospitals" arn't actually insane of a thought, they are merely lacking in some kind of drug in their minds. I belive that our minds have a drug which helps seperate dreams, and the subconcious from the coucious "live" mind, which sees and hears and makes us react each and every time we do anything.
What i suddenly realised was that maybe, these people lacked the chemcial which made both of these seperate, and that it would explain why they see and do the things they do. In our dreams we are unlimited, and so our minds are too, we are free from the constraints of a "normal" world. Imagine that you found this in the "real" world, that you found there was no constrains and nothing to hold you back. Then add to this the problem of stuff that could appear in your dreams, no matter how realistic or not, suddenly starts appearing in "real" life.

When you start to think of this, its not wonder people go "insane".

Now, people are scared, scared of what? They are scared of dying out, we as a race wish to thrive, we wish to spread and expland and continue onwards. Also, when we can't do something, we just stop, we become dispondent and basicly usless. We could be dead and it would make no difference. The brain is more than something that keeps us alive, its something that gives us a reason to live. It protects its self in many ways, and this is why the human race is still around now.

Although the histories of time, humans have searched for mythological creatures, animals which never could of existed, at least, not in "real" life, but maybe in the minds of those who imagined them. I think these are cases of the brain protecting its self, making sure that the human race doesn't realise that there is "nothing else".

I think that alien sightings are just another example of this, when a person "sees" an alien, it REALLY happens to them, and only the deepest subconcious part of the brain, creating this image, knows otherwise. When humans suddenly realise that we are alone in the galaxy at least, and we CANT get out, not in our lifetimes at least, then the brain strifes to protect its self, and save its self. It does this by creating hope, it gives the person an illusion of something which proves there is hope, and then the person belives.

Maybe im a mad ranting loonly, or maybe my brains just worked it out!

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