Monday, March 28

OMFG go me \o/

every other game works
--Smiley -- Loves -- Lostpea -- Pink and Fluffy? says:
cept one
--Smiley -- Loves -- Lostpea -- Pink and Fluffy? says:
and its still the routers fault?
--Smiley -- Loves -- Lostpea -- Pink and Fluffy? says:
truth is one day your computer will get owned. it will be wrecked in one way or another. But because you like to NEVER be wrong, you will claim that you dont care and are planning to format anyway.
because thats what you do, you make it so your never wrong, you make your self belive your lies, you dont like the world, and the truth is the world doesn't like you. Its a harsh harsh place and you
--Smiley -- Loves -- Lostpea -- Pink and Fluffy? says:
know you wont survive, so instead you much change it, at least in your mind, so that you can. You think its going to be easy. Well i know better than that. You think that staying in education will save you from work, Oh how wrong you are. How so very wrong you are.
- - [ I'll show you me fanny if you want? ] says:
i like everything, i just dont need a router
--Smiley -- Loves -- Lostpea -- Pink and Fluffy? says:
Maybe you should wonder why im the top student in my class, its not because i claim im always right, its because i listen and learn, when i get something wrong i dont change what i did. i accept i was wrong and i change what i do in the future, its called learning, its even called evolution, its something we all must do, or we die, we all die out. that would be such a shame.

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