Friday, April 29

Heh, well it was bound to happen with my lack of study, and it did, it hit me hard too.

I always wanted to network, i loved networking and always thought that would be the route i finally took. now? Its still my route and its where i am going, except im without the ccna 2 cisco qualification, which also means i fail the module *(i think?)*.

Bummer in the major style, but hopefully, as we all find as we leave school and start college, or leave college and start university and this little trip wont stop us on the major run into what slowly becomes our life. We choose our routes depending not on our sucessess, but on our failures to compile to what normal life takes to be the "norm". We break the mould and instead of being propled forwards, we are left behind.

This isnt' what happened to me however (sadly!), instead, i thought i would be ok, i thought i knew what i was doing and i thought i had more knowledge that i actually have. BIG mistake. BIG BIG mistake.

When i rechecked over the paper before we went into the test, i realised that i knew nothing about what we were meant to be doing. I had known it in the labs, but in the labs we always had the piece of paper to look back upon and check.
Now its 2morrow and as i think back, i can name exactly what was wrong, The subnet on the workstation was wrong, the serial cable wasn't plugged in. Bummer!

Hopefully this wont bring me down, i can still do this, i can still be true. Plus i have my level 1 ccna!. Least i got something. Plus, lots of experence!


Peace out

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