Tuesday, May 24

Holidays can memerise

Its today, this morning, tonight.

When ever it is, its now?

Im bored, boinc is running fine but 3 projects down makes it no fun for me!
mandi is causing my brain to fry, evilness in its purest form! :D No, shes not really, but she is on http://myspace.com/mandi_candy_kisses so go and visit her and make her happy. Please?

Kirsten is leaving her boyfriend, thats a giant whoop you just heard from the community around her. I hate him, he treats her like shit and shes finally seen it.... Wether or not its because i've been telling her this (in my own sweet way) from the begining i dont know, but i do know that kate agreed with me. At first she thought i was wrong ( i think) but now i think she sees i was right all along. 1 - 0 me vs world ;).

Systems new album, mesmerise is totally awesome. Its alot less musical than toxicity, along a par with steal this album, but more volience and darkness spawns from this creation. Some of the songs however, are SO kool...

.....volient pornography, drunken chicks and sodomy, this is the kind of shit you get on your tv......

VERY system, most wonderful. i just hope they re-tour and come somewhere nearer coventry than london or manchester. However, if i hadn't seen them already this album would force me to travel even these vast distances.... on my knees, while tied to a truck going the otehr way.... over glass and pebbles.... and even little grit being growned up in my mouth.

My teeth are fucked, so i dont wanna go to the dentist! Im going to spain! weeeeeeee in 16(now) days. Woooo. its going to be kool, altho im not quite sure what the weather will be like, and amyse passport isn't back from being renewed so its kinda close :s...

I must stop muttering!

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Friday, May 20

Holiday! Exam (boo) - NO MORE UNI!

It seems like only a few months, and yet it feels like i've known Seth and Cameron for a lifetime. Next September we will be residing together. Scared? I AM!

Well, i took the last exam, it really did go as badly as i expected. I wont go into details but if i get like 15% i will be supprised. Why did it go so badly? Well it was a combination of various problems, the fact that the lectures were rubbish, so much so that we stopped going after the first term, combined with the fact that the lecturers were also rubbish!

They were covering stuff we knew, so why did we fail? Well, after some investigation it seems that NO ONE, not even the guys who i think will be the honours and extra students had much idea what to expect in this exam. It was a total mess.


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