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Omg my world has turned into a world of moaning.

I shall explain, but first we search out the culprits. These guys (and girls) are all my flatmates, some are at university with me, others i've met there (and i know adam from school). There is a fair few who i know very little about (25 of us in total).

Cameron : Generally nice all round guy, plays slightly too many computer games and watches movies in his room sometimes, this added to his desire for nice blonde "birds" makes me chuckle some, but if anyone i would choose to be locked in a room with him. He would find a bright side.

Seth : Short guy with curly hair from the Isle of Mann (unconfirmed). Seth likes to be the center of whatever is happening, this combined with the fact that he doesn't have any idea of how much about him i know. He reminds me of colin, the fat fuck who likes to think hes right, and will change anything (mobile phone txt messages, recordings, or chat logs) to prove what he said was infact correct. Seth tends to claim he was right as a "joke" but im sure this slowly becomes his belief anyway. The number of times i've said something, which i KNEW was correct, and seth would then tell me im wrong, and i should know that he is right. One example was i was using xfce4 window manager in linux, then then claimed that i can't be, and the only existing window managers in linux were kde, and gnome. Any linux user knows this is bollocks, and that anyone could attempt to write their own window manager. This combined with loads of other crap he comes out with in uni has lead me to the point at which now i just discard anything he says.

- Infact its so bad i dont belive anything he says, he sounds like an american, he wont allow anyone to meet his brother (even though his brother was staying in the flat with us) or his parents. He would rather just walk randomly out of the house, and down the street, then come back a few hours later and claim he wanted a walk. (After i saw his mum go past.)

Adam : Adam's been a only child for a very long time, sadly his mum died when he was younger, and i've known him from school. This had lead him to think in some very strange ways, he will do various things which will make normal people just raise their eyebrows. If something is just lying about, its very likely adam will then pick it up, examine it, move it, leave it somewhere random. He also does various strange things, as one time he walked into my room, just before he was leaving, and started chatting with me, once he had gone i turned around, to find he had left a bag of rubbish in my room behind me. Why he didn't just take it out with him? No one knows. He also seems to exagirate hugely. This will be covered later.

Mandi : Mandi is one of my flatmates, whom i met when i moved in, a nice girl who seems pretty normal in many respects. She appears to be a close friend of lucy's, but this isn't for sure, as sometimes they appear to "not be talking". Mandi makes me laugh and shes fun! XD.

Lucy : Mandi's friend, and another of my flatmates. She LOVES to moan, this all started from teh first day when she said "the landlord has promised us that you dirty boys wont wee on the toilet seat". Now, it made me laugh, but jeeez. If anything isn't right, lucy will be letting us know, she moans about how the mirrors are dirty, the shower is dirty, the bed isn't comfy, how there is hair in the shower.......

Various other people who will randomly appear should be discribed here, but i dont care about them :D.

So, why am i stressed?

Well it all really started a long time ago, people were starting to move in and i guess lucy and mandi went out to celebrate. (I should point out that im out of the flat every second day pretty much, this is due to being at my gfs). So now we have seth, adam and cam all in the flat, doing whatever when lucy and mandi come home. Appently according to the various reports i've heard, adam had closed his door and gone to bed.
However, for some weird reason he hadn't locked his door, Lucy and mandi came up to find cameron in his room, they decided pretty quickly that he was boring (most prob playing DAoC) and so they tried seth and my door, in the process mandi acidently broke the I off my door ~(it says TIM). Appently then cam helped her fix it. After realising i wasn't in (and confirming they thought i was fun), they tried to get into adams room. As i guess they were noisey, the woke him up, he jumped out of bed and started pushing against the door.

Why he didn't lock the door and just go back to sleep is no ones idea. I have no idea why but heh, maybe he was dazed or something?

Just from this, it seems, caused the end of the goodness in the flat (according to adam at least)

From then on, their has been other events which have caused chaos of various levels in the flat, now i try and recite them....

Adam had decided by now that he didn't like living with everyone, and even though i got lucy to tell him they were drunk (they being lucy and mandi) he still held the fact that someone was trying to "annoy" him, or so it appears to me.

Now we were a few weeks in and lucy had been moaning about EVERYTHING, anything she could find to complain about (by comparing it to her old accomadation, which costs about 2x more).
What happened next was seth randomly proclaimed that "someone" was using his stuff, this later means alot with some of the random stuff that starts happening in the flat. However, for awhile seth wont confirm who is using his stuff, but just keeps saying "someone".
The next thing to happen was that lucys pasta bowl goes missing, this then causes her to moan at everyone, and she starts saying tha tfood has been taken too. A bottle of sprite has been drunk.

Over the next few weeks, there is various cases of food going missing, one person has a whole cuboard emptied (into seemly nowhere) and this is while she was away for the weekend, making me think it was someone which KNEW she was gone.

There is various people in the house, whom no one really knows, one guy with a stammer, and some guy on teh floor above me who always wares a backpack. Both these could of taken the food, but the fact that they are never socialising with us, means they shouldn't of known the girl was away.

At sometime around here, i return home one morning to hear a wonderful story, from Adam, he tells me that he had his door closed, because he was trying to work, and lucy and mandi were pretending to have sex with seth on cam's bed.

After this we once again hear from lucy, who has had someone using her ketchup......

About a week later, we all head down the pub one night. Amy starts texting seth from (new guy alert - john, large gay guy who seth says was using his stuff). Seth does his nobend thing and ignores it. Adam (who is always moaning that no one invites him anywhere) leaves because he has no money on him (he left it at home, 5seconds away!). John also leaves as hes hungry.... Nina is here for the last night so she says we should go to the campbell, and then we slowly walk though town and do this.

Awesome night at the campbell, even though i got a black eye.... me, nina and amy headed back at about 1:30(this is a random guess) and we get back to the flat at about 2, im talking with Nat and Mark for awhile, nina and amy disapper. John appears in a dressing gown and then says hes going to bed.

Amy and nina start laughing at them selfs by the door, and eventually nina leaves, i go to bed.... In the morning i listen as i can hear shouting just outside the door, John and Seth are arguing. (Now, seth has this weird thing where he decides that someone is pissing him off, and then he goes out of his way to upset them. He randomly did this to amy when she called him gay, by trying to make out he had a video of me saying something norty to mandi ). I sit and listen and wait as i can't be arsed to walk out of the door into a arguement, especially with my eye feeling as bad as it did.#

I wait like 10 minutes then i walk out, to find out that seth says someone has cleared all his stuff out of the cuboard, when i try and find out whats up with john, it looks like seth has gone off on one and blamed john (as he was using his stuff before). Seth rants on for awhile about how hes going to go and search everyones rooms, and hes going to email the landlord.

And now we are in the present, just a day after this magical disappering stuff seth had, hes not said a word about what happened, it doesn't look like hes contacted the landlord either, as he was here this morning and didn't say ANYTHING about it. Sound suspect anyone?

Also we have gilbert, he sits in his room, he moans on msn to me about how cam and seth just go off randomly, and dont invite him, seconds later, hes telling me how they txt him to ask if he was coming the aardvark. He says he can't be bothered and got a random text off a random number saying "your gay".
I tell him to ignore this and he starts going on about how lucy and mandi bang on his door (happened total of ONCE), then he goes on about lucy and mandi jumping on camerons bed (HAPPENED ONCE), and im like WTF? You keep your door closed, you dont bring any money to the pub, you wont go home to pick some money up and you wonder why people dont bother inviting you?


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