Friday, December 29

Putting Up with Networking woes

My network (as in computer network and not social network) is a complete mess currently. This is due to alot of factors such as I was connected to NTL via my flatmates internet connection. I purchased a router and a Access Point, both linksys. At first this setup worked reasonably well, but as always (at least that i've found) i had trouble with UPnP.

While its meant to make life easier by dynamicly opening and closing ports, I've only ever found universal plug and play to be able to crash routers and kill connections. So instead I had a pretty much static setup, including static IP's and all.
So far this setup is pretty simple and anyone can understand it with a little networking knowledge and anyone with a reasonable home setup could create something like this pretty easily.

However, the addition of an xbox360 caused some problems (Although addition of any device which doesn't have its own wireless adapter would of caused the same problem).
Currently, my xbox360 connects to the internet via firstly my PC (running linux - gentoo + iptables, which shares its internet, which in turn is connecting through a firewalled (NAT'ed without UPnP) wireless network shared within my flat.

The main problem (As far as i can tell is that)
  1. The xbox360 is sitting behind two NAT'ed firewalls. This means that anyone attempting to connect to it has exteme (read impossible!) problems trying this. If the other end is also firewalled then no connections between the two hosts can be created

  2. The xbox360 is on a different subnet to the rest of the network, due to the fact its connected via my PC, so it can't be on the same subnet as the PC (at least not with the current setup.) This means I can't play via the "lan" nor stream music and video to the xbox.

I have some solutions in mind, but am not sure yet if any of them make sense or are even possible. I hope to discuss this at length with various people whom mostly have more knowledge in these areas, to see if i can create a working solution to my problem.

  1. Can I possibly get the xbox connecting via the PC and on the same subnet as the PC?

  2. Can I add an extra wireless card to the PC (already owned) and allow the xbox access to this?

  3. Can I find a 3rd party xbox wireless adapter which is suitable for the job?

Get my xbox 360 online, hopefully with a "open" status indicating that i have no problems whatsoever connecting to other users on xbox live, meaning i can host, and join matches at will.

I'll update once I've found a solution to my problem!

Saturday, December 23

Out of his face, singing to us

Its not very often you get to show up the people who are "authority" easily, so it would be a shame of me to let such as wonderful moment go unnoticed. Wouldn't it?

Gary lived with me last year and now we found a video of him on youtube, where he is appently singing some song (Warning, adult lyrics).

The funniest part? Gary works in a school. This school is especially known well in coventry as a "Good" school, although as i've had friends there, I know what really goes on and its pretty much like any other school. Drugs, fights, and all that jazz. Oh and the school is Coundon Court and they wouldn't let me in, because I lived on the wrong side of the road.

Gary, for this chance to show you up, thank you <3

Thursday, December 21

Christmas shopping finally finished!

Right so, the christmas shopping is all finished.

Except for the fact i think i only picked up 4 presents for Amy so far. Which is not GOOD! Not good at all. However tomorrow I shall be dropping by my flat to pick up my fluoxtine box and then head off to my parents house, a mile or so away.
Normally this would be an easy journey, even if i dont take it often enough (Its not like they visit me every week either...) however if you've been keeping up with the news in the Uk currently, the entire of my home town, Coventry, is currently covered in a thick scary fog.
So, a long trek awaits me as soon as i decide im ready to undertake the peril!.

For those that know me truely well, will know of my various problems, one of which is how i really dont enjoy leaving the comfort and safety of my flat. This is for reasons which i can't explain easily, but the best way is that i dont like the pubic, they are random and scary at times. This coupled with the idea that i could get my self into trouble leads me to tend to stay in my room as much as possible.

After talking with my psychologist last week, she asked me if i had ever had a time when i was trapped, and unable to escape. At the time i couldn't think of any, as my mind is generally a blur of so many thoughts, recalling anything is a task i dont undertake easily. However, a few hours or few days later (i forget time so easily.) i remember when i was younger of a time when i was trapped.

I was with my parents, and another few people, most likely my parents friends and their kids. We were at some indoor show type thing, and strangely i remember that chitty chitty bang bang was on display, and you could have a photo taken for some stupid amount of money like £15. The memories are very vague even after pondering the situation for awhile, but i know there was some sort of indoor funfair with a teacups ride, the one where the cups spin in one direction, and the whole ride turns in the opposite direction, making you feel utterly sick.
We all (about 4 of us, all kids i think) jumped on this ride, and the first time it was very much fun, so i decided i wished to ride again. I jumpped back on the ride after queuing, and for some reason no one else joined me. At first i felt find with this idea, i mean how scary can a ride be on its own? I dont know exactly what happened next, i might of banged my head, or just got scared, but by the time the ride stopped i was so scared.

The memories are still blurry but as i write, more comes back to me, i also remember there being some kind of hall of mirrors, and a sort of virtual reality machine as well. I queued up for this but at some point had some sort of panic attack and couldn't face going on it. I also remember clearly my brother going on some sort of gyroscope which span him in all sorts of directions at the same time.

Isn't it strange how the past can effect you so strongly in the future? I still have a strong dislike of fairgrounds and fairground rides, which i normally hide with stupid excuses such as my glasses might come off when im riding, or that i dont think its safe.

And now, now i just spend so much time on my xbox, how much time? Well my live eye answers that quite easily : Live eye

Fluoxetine, Fog and Fragmented Memories

  • Fluoxetine
  • A drug used for anti-depressant use.
  • Prescribed to me by my doctor
  • And now i have NONE!

  • Actually i have one!
So where does this leave me? I've been dragged to boots the chemist and hopefully they will be able to pick my prescription up for me, and then I can simply turn up tomorrow and they will have my drugs ready for my consumption.

Kudos to Amy and John for sorting that out, without them I'd be a proper mess.


Had my 3rd? appointment with my psychologist today, she explained that my depression is far worse (or at least it appears that way from some tests I took) than she first estimated, which I personally agree with. As i explained I have this knack of hiding stuff so well, that not even people talented in these areas can forsee what I'm holding back and can only work on what I give out. I wish I knew how to take down these walls far more easier but for now I just work on it.


There is not many items which truely allow my mind to explode with the kind of magic which the xbox (360) has allowed me to endure. To truely comprehend what this machine means to me is difficult to explain, especially if one is not that of the type whom likes to play games.

Sunday, December 17

More updates


More updates coming to the world of my website. is getting new updates such as now using css (as i slowly learn to implement it, along with other crazy ideas such as this and maybe some xhtml ( which is html and xml together! - scary eh? ).

Hopefully this will allow me to hone my skills some more, and maybe even some budding website evanglists who wish to find people whom demand stuff to validate ( see ) might even decide they want to take it upon them selfs to desire my skills in some form of interaction. I would LOVE to now try to design and create a site along with others, but until this point exposes its self, i guess i shall just work on my own site ^_^.

Friday, November 24

Google Search Reveals Public Web cams

A savvy blogger was messing around with a friend on MSN when he realized that he could google for his IP and found it was for some reason transmitting images on a website, a bit more googling and he found lots of other public web cams - Heres the google search

read more | digg story

Is it really that sad to digg your self :D

My My My, Google we Love you

Google and google bashing are amazing tools, and i'm sure i've covered this before. But after a little chatting with my friend on msn, looky what i've found :

Live view of random webcams! ^_^

Btw this isn't endorsed by me at all etc, its just something google decided it would share with me, and ill share it all with you.

Saturday, November 18

Shady - Cameroooonie! :D

My friend Cameroon also has a webby and i guess i should link to him eh? Would only be fair... or something :o is the site, and visit it sometimes i shall. Like mine its a development station for various stuff we try out.

More updates on the way

So yes, i now have a nicer domain name, on a REAL server. hosted by my new found friend, Prism, on freenode. Hes offered me this vhost and server space, and im very greatful. Thank you Prism!

This doesn't mean i dont use but its now more of a development station for my website

I'm still hoping to learn how to code by hanging around with the guys who are trying to develop freenode's next stage of services. As for coding im not too hot (or in other words, i can't do any, full stop!) but i am capable of analizing code and also I've had some experince creating and designing infomation systems, from University.

Oh, and I finally dropped my CV off in town, one manager said he would give me a call, and the other two I tried said thanks. I'm hopeful but we shall see.

Friday, November 17

So Microsoft, I'm now breaking which law?

Appently, all linux distrobutions are now illegal according to everyones favorate software retailer, the almightly Microsoft.

Ok, i dont really care about the details, its the whole reason (to me at least) for them doing this, which makes me laugh. They seem to belive that the public actually cares what they say is "legal" and what isn't.

However, haven't they noticed the hundreds, of thousands of windows installs which are *shock horror* illegal? Now im not talking about your evil "software" pirate, nor your local geek who knows how to progam and get around any activation tools your software maybe using. Im talking about Mom' and Pop's, parents, grand parents, children, brothers, sisters. Teachers, lecturers, doctors, everyone knows someone whom is using an illegal copy of windows.

So, why do they? Because they dont belive that windows is a service worth paying for. And yet they choose windows above linux..... So does M$ really think they can control the linux growth? I think they do, but then again, they think the Zune is a Ipod killer.

Oh and i own a 360, because they are an amazing console.

A whole NEW redesign

I've been working on lots of different ideas lately.


Boinc Synergy

My OWN website

Fun eh?
Now i've added some adverts to my blog (shock horror!) and am concidering writting various peices of phychobabble as it spawns from the orifce known as my mouth (or is that hands?). Eitherway I'll just do what i've always done, and refer people here when it makes sense too.

The Blog Of The Times - Thought from this Sane Soul.

The Blog Of The Times - Thought from this Sane Soul.

The Blog Of The Times - Thought from this Sane Soul.

The Blog Of The Times - Thought from this Sane Soul.

Saturday, June 24

Im blinded, my glasses broke as my top pinged back into my face so suddenly.
I've been living in a world which i can't see. I can't see and yet i can still experince it so easily.
Function and form coming together to combine to create the ulitmate creation.

As i edit and re-edit and type and re-type and mould my world around what i can't see. I change. My world changes. It all changes constantly.

Im undergoing changes currently. My mind is so calm like a desert with little bits of sand slowly tumbling down the slopes of the dunes. As a child lying on the sand so everything is enlarged and you can see it, a slow world slowly changing before your very eyes. Eyes which i no longer have.

Thursday, June 1


The tv buzzes
People walking past.
I look, stare.. The window rattles as that lorry passes
Switching channels and listen to that sound of the mixing broken sounds.

"What is that stuff"... "See the new photos in next weeks"...."News at 12.30 will be showing you.." Just ignore it. Jump to IRC. its just crazyness.

Continue. Who that guy? Whats blown up? BOOM!. Its all blown up.

Today i got my Drugs. Prozaic.... scary stuff for me. Am i just a kid?
Its what we need or just want.
Im happy to see change, Im happy to see difference.


We walk alone today.... Camerooooonie is talking....
I can hardly here. I strain to listen.
Hes lost gary?
A mental girl and a mental night out,
Memories blurred it seems.
X-factor? Didn't that finish

A chemcial plan as exploded..... Bothered? So's your face. Banana! :D
So, Any scucidal thoughts? Nope. ok well from this i can see its not good.
Hows he know whats good.
They pay him to




Im confused
Who isnt?

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Tuesday, May 30


I wish my head would stop spinning.... My mind is blurring... Everything is so FAST

Its all
shooting by without me i just can't cope. Its all about waiting.... keep waiting tim always waiting for the next step.

My mind is taking all this infomation in and spurting it back out so randomly. Just make it stop.
I can't take this much more, yet i wont do anything else. Nothing can save me from my self, not even me. Now theres an awesome contradiction. :D

Smile. Its photo time.... Oh wait, you even managed to skip school because you didn't want a photo.....thats strange. Why?
You hated it.. Really? Hated it that much?

I hated EVERYone.....

I wanted to die.............. you made your own MUM cry.... We dont go there any more...
WHY? It scare you too much? No, I just remember hitting him... He said.

I hit him, over and over and over, and then i threw that small black box, it exploded into a million pieces....
But mummy made it better, she always did.
Ok, so you admit it? Yes... Mummy makes it better... Mummy always makes it better.

its like.... im carrying a weight which was never mine to carry. its like.... im carrying a weight which was never mine to carry. its like.... im carrying a weight which was never mine to carry. its like.... im carrying a weight which was never mine to carry.
its like.... im carrying a weight which was never mine to carry.

I'm interested. What has happened now?
Its gone....
Nope, it always returns... Sometimes quicky, Always shockingly.Who thought it could hurt so much, to NOT remember.

I saw him and he told me. No he didn't.
Didn't he? no. Oh.... Now I remember! Teacher told me.... But not before i knew already. How could you already know? It was destiny.
No, that freak told you....
I'm just a freak too.. Nothing to be afraid of. Give Him You Food. He Will Protect You. Now. Look. At. Him. Just. A. DIRTY. OLD. MAN.

When she died.... We knew it was coming.. All things end. I never even knew her. And ever said good bye. Didn't even go to visit.,How nice.

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Sunday, May 7

My chat with pat

Today on freenode i managed to chat with patrick for a little while.... This is what we talked about.

Diablo-D3 sure
SmileyG firstly i should mention im not staff, or anything along those lines
Diablo-D3 your hostmask gives you away. ;)
SmileyG im a spectator to the happenings around here, and i wonder why
SmileyG gives me away for what?
--- [SmileyG] n=tim@pdpc/supporter/student/SmileyG
--- [SmileyG] Info: Smiley
--- [SmileyG] #unit-e #freenode-registry #spinhome +#freenode-social #gentoo
--- [SmileyG] is identified to services {}
--- [SmileyG] idle 08:00:04, signon: Sun, May 07 13:43:53
Diablo-D3 --- [SmileyG] (n=tim@pdpc/supporter/student/SmileyG) : Smiley
SmileyG yeah i've donated to the pdpc
SmileyG i wonder about some things
SmileyG all the things so far have been quoted, so i have no proof if they are true or not
SmileyG but you "appently" said, in my eyes, that you didn't actually care about this, and it was almost a joke
SmileyG and by "this" i mean the freenode/lilo/rob thing
SmileyG (like u didnt know)
Diablo-D3 No, I do care about this
Diablo-D3 lilo keeps spinning this as if I'm not pursuing legal action against him.
SmileyG as in you Are?
Diablo-D3 I am.
Diablo-D3 I'm currently waiting for the IRS to deal with this.
SmileyG ok,
SmileyG from the blog i've seen you write
SmileyG i had no idea of this
Diablo-D3 it may take a few months.
SmileyG and if it comes back negitive?
Diablo-D3 Then I continue persuing it.
SmileyG ok
SmileyG i agree with what you ... stand for
SmileyG your guarding the guards...
SmileyG however i dont agree with how you carry it out sometimes
SmileyG however, is there anything which would stop you?
Diablo-D3 I will stop when one of two things happen
Diablo-D3 either a) rob leaves pdpc and freenode forever, or b) freenode is shut down
Diablo-D3 I'd rather it not come to b, as I do, infact, like the network
SmileyG ok
SmileyG could i suggest another?
SmileyG rob appoints a set of staff, whom are goverened by a board of... ~12 people
Diablo-D3 you can if you want
Diablo-D3 won't work
SmileyG rob being one, the staff then....
Diablo-D3 I already requested that of Rob a long time ago
Diablo-D3 he gives no powers to any of the staff
SmileyG how about if someone else requests it/.
Diablo-D3 other people have
Diablo-D3 this is partially the reason why everyone quits
SmileyG ok
Diablo-D3 this is why half the staff left and formed oftc, and this is why he keeps losing staff
SmileyG ok, can i ask why you dont just leave?
Diablo-D3 I did, actually.
Diablo-D3 I'm only here for the moment to ask something of unit-e
Diablo-D3 I'm a dj for an online radio station, and I want to play their music
SmileyG ok
Diablo-D3 btw
SmileyG ill take a look, thanks
SmileyG ok
* SmileyG thins
SmileyG thinks
SmileyG ok and if you dont use hte network, then why do you continue to blog about it/lilo?
Diablo-D3 just because I quit freenode doesn't mean lilo stops doing what hes doing
SmileyG yes agreed
SmileyG so without lilo leaving, or freenode shutting down, your going to continue?
Diablo-D3 Yes.
SmileyG ok
SmileyG dont you belive that if the network is so badly run, that it will its self fail? Why not leave it to its own devices?
* Diablo-D3 has quit (Killed by lilo (banned from freenode))

He was killed due to being banned from the network. Hopefully one day we can continue our chat.

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Wednesday, April 26

Its been a long time but this is important

Let me explain, my friend lilo has been running the PDPC, which in turn runs the Freenode IRC network.

Hes in a hole and he wants to get him self out, but he can't do that without the help of many many kind people.

The goverment doesn't generally help people, so let the people help them selfs.

If you can afford ANYTHING, then please donate and help...

In other news im thinking of ways to try and raise some money over here in the UK for the spinhome idea. We shall see.... .Anyone want a Spinhome or lilo teeshirt?

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