Sunday, May 7

My chat with pat

Today on freenode i managed to chat with patrick for a little while.... This is what we talked about.

Diablo-D3 sure
SmileyG firstly i should mention im not staff, or anything along those lines
Diablo-D3 your hostmask gives you away. ;)
SmileyG im a spectator to the happenings around here, and i wonder why
SmileyG gives me away for what?
--- [SmileyG] n=tim@pdpc/supporter/student/SmileyG
--- [SmileyG] Info: Smiley
--- [SmileyG] #unit-e #freenode-registry #spinhome +#freenode-social #gentoo
--- [SmileyG] is identified to services {}
--- [SmileyG] idle 08:00:04, signon: Sun, May 07 13:43:53
Diablo-D3 --- [SmileyG] (n=tim@pdpc/supporter/student/SmileyG) : Smiley
SmileyG yeah i've donated to the pdpc
SmileyG i wonder about some things
SmileyG all the things so far have been quoted, so i have no proof if they are true or not
SmileyG but you "appently" said, in my eyes, that you didn't actually care about this, and it was almost a joke
SmileyG and by "this" i mean the freenode/lilo/rob thing
SmileyG (like u didnt know)
Diablo-D3 No, I do care about this
Diablo-D3 lilo keeps spinning this as if I'm not pursuing legal action against him.
SmileyG as in you Are?
Diablo-D3 I am.
Diablo-D3 I'm currently waiting for the IRS to deal with this.
SmileyG ok,
SmileyG from the blog i've seen you write
SmileyG i had no idea of this
Diablo-D3 it may take a few months.
SmileyG and if it comes back negitive?
Diablo-D3 Then I continue persuing it.
SmileyG ok
SmileyG i agree with what you ... stand for
SmileyG your guarding the guards...
SmileyG however i dont agree with how you carry it out sometimes
SmileyG however, is there anything which would stop you?
Diablo-D3 I will stop when one of two things happen
Diablo-D3 either a) rob leaves pdpc and freenode forever, or b) freenode is shut down
Diablo-D3 I'd rather it not come to b, as I do, infact, like the network
SmileyG ok
SmileyG could i suggest another?
SmileyG rob appoints a set of staff, whom are goverened by a board of... ~12 people
Diablo-D3 you can if you want
Diablo-D3 won't work
SmileyG rob being one, the staff then....
Diablo-D3 I already requested that of Rob a long time ago
Diablo-D3 he gives no powers to any of the staff
SmileyG how about if someone else requests it/.
Diablo-D3 other people have
Diablo-D3 this is partially the reason why everyone quits
SmileyG ok
Diablo-D3 this is why half the staff left and formed oftc, and this is why he keeps losing staff
SmileyG ok, can i ask why you dont just leave?
Diablo-D3 I did, actually.
Diablo-D3 I'm only here for the moment to ask something of unit-e
Diablo-D3 I'm a dj for an online radio station, and I want to play their music
SmileyG ok
Diablo-D3 btw
SmileyG ill take a look, thanks
SmileyG ok
* SmileyG thins
SmileyG thinks
SmileyG ok and if you dont use hte network, then why do you continue to blog about it/lilo?
Diablo-D3 just because I quit freenode doesn't mean lilo stops doing what hes doing
SmileyG yes agreed
SmileyG so without lilo leaving, or freenode shutting down, your going to continue?
Diablo-D3 Yes.
SmileyG ok
SmileyG dont you belive that if the network is so badly run, that it will its self fail? Why not leave it to its own devices?
* Diablo-D3 has quit (Killed by lilo (banned from freenode))

He was killed due to being banned from the network. Hopefully one day we can continue our chat.

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