Saturday, June 24

Im blinded, my glasses broke as my top pinged back into my face so suddenly.
I've been living in a world which i can't see. I can't see and yet i can still experince it so easily.
Function and form coming together to combine to create the ulitmate creation.

As i edit and re-edit and type and re-type and mould my world around what i can't see. I change. My world changes. It all changes constantly.

Im undergoing changes currently. My mind is so calm like a desert with little bits of sand slowly tumbling down the slopes of the dunes. As a child lying on the sand so everything is enlarged and you can see it, a slow world slowly changing before your very eyes. Eyes which i no longer have.

Thursday, June 1


The tv buzzes
People walking past.
I look, stare.. The window rattles as that lorry passes
Switching channels and listen to that sound of the mixing broken sounds.

"What is that stuff"... "See the new photos in next weeks"...."News at 12.30 will be showing you.." Just ignore it. Jump to IRC. its just crazyness.

Continue. Who that guy? Whats blown up? BOOM!. Its all blown up.

Today i got my Drugs. Prozaic.... scary stuff for me. Am i just a kid?
Its what we need or just want.
Im happy to see change, Im happy to see difference.


We walk alone today.... Camerooooonie is talking....
I can hardly here. I strain to listen.
Hes lost gary?
A mental girl and a mental night out,
Memories blurred it seems.
X-factor? Didn't that finish

A chemcial plan as exploded..... Bothered? So's your face. Banana! :D
So, Any scucidal thoughts? Nope. ok well from this i can see its not good.
Hows he know whats good.
They pay him to




Im confused
Who isnt?

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