Friday, November 24

Google Search Reveals Public Web cams

A savvy blogger was messing around with a friend on MSN when he realized that he could google for his IP and found it was for some reason transmitting images on a website, a bit more googling and he found lots of other public web cams - Heres the google search

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Is it really that sad to digg your self :D

My My My, Google we Love you

Google and google bashing are amazing tools, and i'm sure i've covered this before. But after a little chatting with my friend on msn, looky what i've found :

Live view of random webcams! ^_^

Btw this isn't endorsed by me at all etc, its just something google decided it would share with me, and ill share it all with you.

Saturday, November 18

Shady - Cameroooonie! :D

My friend Cameroon also has a webby and i guess i should link to him eh? Would only be fair... or something :o is the site, and visit it sometimes i shall. Like mine its a development station for various stuff we try out.

More updates on the way

So yes, i now have a nicer domain name, on a REAL server. hosted by my new found friend, Prism, on freenode. Hes offered me this vhost and server space, and im very greatful. Thank you Prism!

This doesn't mean i dont use but its now more of a development station for my website

I'm still hoping to learn how to code by hanging around with the guys who are trying to develop freenode's next stage of services. As for coding im not too hot (or in other words, i can't do any, full stop!) but i am capable of analizing code and also I've had some experince creating and designing infomation systems, from University.

Oh, and I finally dropped my CV off in town, one manager said he would give me a call, and the other two I tried said thanks. I'm hopeful but we shall see.

Friday, November 17

So Microsoft, I'm now breaking which law?

Appently, all linux distrobutions are now illegal according to everyones favorate software retailer, the almightly Microsoft.

Ok, i dont really care about the details, its the whole reason (to me at least) for them doing this, which makes me laugh. They seem to belive that the public actually cares what they say is "legal" and what isn't.

However, haven't they noticed the hundreds, of thousands of windows installs which are *shock horror* illegal? Now im not talking about your evil "software" pirate, nor your local geek who knows how to progam and get around any activation tools your software maybe using. Im talking about Mom' and Pop's, parents, grand parents, children, brothers, sisters. Teachers, lecturers, doctors, everyone knows someone whom is using an illegal copy of windows.

So, why do they? Because they dont belive that windows is a service worth paying for. And yet they choose windows above linux..... So does M$ really think they can control the linux growth? I think they do, but then again, they think the Zune is a Ipod killer.

Oh and i own a 360, because they are an amazing console.

A whole NEW redesign

I've been working on lots of different ideas lately.


Boinc Synergy

My OWN website

Fun eh?
Now i've added some adverts to my blog (shock horror!) and am concidering writting various peices of phychobabble as it spawns from the orifce known as my mouth (or is that hands?). Eitherway I'll just do what i've always done, and refer people here when it makes sense too.

The Blog Of The Times - Thought from this Sane Soul.

The Blog Of The Times - Thought from this Sane Soul.

The Blog Of The Times - Thought from this Sane Soul.

The Blog Of The Times - Thought from this Sane Soul.

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