Saturday, November 18

More updates on the way

So yes, i now have a nicer domain name, on a REAL server. hosted by my new found friend, Prism, on freenode. Hes offered me this vhost and server space, and im very greatful. Thank you Prism!

This doesn't mean i dont use but its now more of a development station for my website

I'm still hoping to learn how to code by hanging around with the guys who are trying to develop freenode's next stage of services. As for coding im not too hot (or in other words, i can't do any, full stop!) but i am capable of analizing code and also I've had some experince creating and designing infomation systems, from University.

Oh, and I finally dropped my CV off in town, one manager said he would give me a call, and the other two I tried said thanks. I'm hopeful but we shall see.

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