Friday, November 17

So Microsoft, I'm now breaking which law?

Appently, all linux distrobutions are now illegal according to everyones favorate software retailer, the almightly Microsoft.

Ok, i dont really care about the details, its the whole reason (to me at least) for them doing this, which makes me laugh. They seem to belive that the public actually cares what they say is "legal" and what isn't.

However, haven't they noticed the hundreds, of thousands of windows installs which are *shock horror* illegal? Now im not talking about your evil "software" pirate, nor your local geek who knows how to progam and get around any activation tools your software maybe using. Im talking about Mom' and Pop's, parents, grand parents, children, brothers, sisters. Teachers, lecturers, doctors, everyone knows someone whom is using an illegal copy of windows.

So, why do they? Because they dont belive that windows is a service worth paying for. And yet they choose windows above linux..... So does M$ really think they can control the linux growth? I think they do, but then again, they think the Zune is a Ipod killer.

Oh and i own a 360, because they are an amazing console.

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